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6 BEST Online Job Searching Portal of Nepal 2019

6 Best Online Job Searching Portals Nepal

 Amidst of tons of rising Job Portal in Nepal, we present you the best way to find a job vacancy in Nepal.

Unemployment has become the major problem that ever has been before in this last decade. And to cope with this burning issue, on FY 2018/19 budget announcement Government shared their aim to create 500K new jobs in the upcoming fiscal year,

However, are you worried where to find the information and the alerts regarding the latest job vacancy in Nepal?

Worry not, here we are to assist you with a list of the most trusted and reliable online job searching portals in Nepal. Oh Yes, the days of going through and scraping a ton of the daily newspapers to look for your dream job is gone!

Before applying for any job/position, don’t forget to create an updated professional resume for that specific job/position. You can easily create a professional resume using an online resume builder as describe here Best Online Resume Builder of 2019.

6 Best Online Job Portal in Nepal:

KumariJob: Job sites in Nepal

Operating, since 2014, under the umbrella organization First Job Nepal, KumariJob is another name that comes to the mind when the talk’s about online job searching portal.

KumariJob provides multiple services, that includes; Staffing service, Outsourcing, HR consulting, Job posting services, and Corporate training.

KumariJob: Online jobs in Kathmandu

Though this job portal successfully made to our “list of 6 best Job Portal in Nepal”, the website has many things to improve. The homepage takes a long scroll to reach the end, making the visitors bounce. The “Services” section of the portal is carelessly edited, seems like it has been directly teleported from the raw template without an edit.

merorojgari: job searching sites in Nepal

MeroRojgari [or JobsinNepal] is the one site to make to the top spot for the search result of the “job portal Nepal” in Google. Well, that can give you a guess how popular this job portal has risen to!

This job portal in Nepal website user interface is too clean, so is the homepage. The homepage is neatly designed with two columns, one for the listing the “Latest Jobs” and the other for the “Job Categories.”

Moreover, the recruiters can directly approach the required qualified personnel from the “Resume” tab in the top bar.

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JobsNepal: Jobs in Nepal

JobsNepal has been a recognized name since the inception of the online job searching portals in Nepal. Founded in as early as 2000, JobsNepal it’s been 18 years of the excellent services they have been providing.

JobsNepal states it has more than 10,000+ employers promoting their employer brands to 8,000+ daily visitors and has a database of 30,000+ job hunters.

The website’s homepage has too many things going on; from “Hot Jobs” to “Most Recent Jobs – Premium Listings” and “Instant Job Placements.”

To reach out quick, there is a dedicated bar for “IT Jobs”, “I/NGOs Jobs”, “Hospitality/Tourism” and “Government Jobs.”

kantipurjob: Job Vacancy in Nepal

Kantipur” is the word that can make an impact to a person’s first impression, so does this job portal.

This job portal, KantipurJob, is the only job portal in Nepal that utilizes the whole space of the homepage. The homepage has the multiple boxes of information covering “Jobs Categories,” “Super Employers,” “Hot Jobs,” “CV.” The “Hire Me | Search CV” section of KantipurJob [out of all jobs portals] is the most complete approach to bridge directly between job seekers and the recruiters.

Also, the homepage has a dedicated section for the jobs posted on Daily Newspapers.

KantipurJob boasts 89% of the job seekers, applied from the website, have received a prompt response from the recruiters.

Other than just being a job portal in Nepal, KantipurJob provides expertise on HR Consulting, Staffing Service, Recruitment and Selection Process, Sales, Distribution and Marketing, Training and Development, and Business Process Outsourcing.

JobeJee: Job Portal in Nepal

Undoubtedly, is the fastest growing job portal in Nepal since it was first seen in 2017.

With Jobejee finding Newspaper Jobs, receiving relevant Job Recommendations, creating own customized Job Alerts, tracking the Application Status and learning about Applicants Ranking is a hassle-free task.

We all know for sure, people prefer mobile apps to access any information rather than visiting the web pages. And that is what Jobejee does its best than any other job portals with their updated and nice UI featured Android app.

MeroJob and KumariJob, too, have an Android app, but both of them are either ill-optimized or has not updated for ages.


MeroJob: Best Job Portal in Nepal

Since 2009, MeroJob has been living up to its name by helping more than 250k job seekers. MeroJob claims a whopping number of engagement; 100 M+ page views with 2.5 M+ progressive visits/month and has registered 350,000+ job seekers in their database.

Interacting with the website is easy and simple.

The website allows the guest users to explore the available jobs, but to apply for, the visitor has to mandatorily register an account in the website.

Filling up the profile with the appropriate and comprehensive details about yourself, like skills, applying for which position, MeroJob automatically creates a professional-looking CV. And this CV will be forwarded along with the other submitted details to the employer while applying for the job.

MeroJob has recently revamped the whole website. The overhauled UI and the logo of the website look more appealing than it did before.

The new face-lifted MeroJob has the new blog section called “Job Kurakani.” The section focuses on improving the interview-attending skills, tackling with the interviewer’s questions. Also, unlike any other job portals, MeroJob has in-site directly chatting with the support chatbox.

MeroJob, undoubtedly, is the best online job searching portal and deserves to be at the top spot for sure.

Mentionable Portals for Searching Job Vacancy in Nepal:

Apart from our these six best online searching portals for a job vacancy in Nepal, there are quite a number of other growing portals. They are constantly improving and if the growth is consistent, they sure can make into our top editors’ choice list!

So, here are some other mentionable online searching portals for a job vacancy in Nepal;

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