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35 Most Useful Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcut & Tips

Basic Keyboard Shortcut for Excel Keystroke / Shortcut Function Ctrl + N Create a new workbook. Ctrl + O Open an existing workbook. Ctrl + S Save the active workbook. F12 Save the active...
Top 25 Most Useful MS-Word Keyboard Shortcuts

Top 25 Most Useful MS-Word Keyboard Shortcuts

Need to prepare a school essay or a professional CV/reports? MS-Word is something comes to everyone’s mind. With appropriate MS-Word skills, one can complete...
How to get udemy paid courses for free

How to Get Paid UDEMY Courses for FREE?

Founded in 2010, undoubtedly, Udemy has become the go-to place on the internet for the online learning. With more than the 65,000 courses, Udemy...
6 Best Online Job Searching Portals Nepal

6 BEST Online Job Searching Portal of Nepal 2018

 Amidst of tons of rising Job Portal in Nepal, we present you best way to find a job vacancy in Nepal. Unemployment has become the major...
50 Common Computer Keyboard Shortcuts Keys

50 Common Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Computer Shortcut Keys are the most efficient way to get things done while using the PC/Windows! Have you ever noticed, why the Computer Geeks on...