How to EARN FREE Mobile Recharge with Dent App

Genuine method to Earn Free Mobile Recharge Worldwide

Blockchain, you might have heard those hypes and all saying, “Blockchain is the future”. Well, it sure is and we can already see the blocks of blockchain building the future in most of the areas/scopes. And one of those areas is Telecommunication.

Dent is a blockchain-based telecommunication project. Dent allows the users to buy the data packs and do free mobile recharge online/ top-ups around the world in a decentralized way.

The rates are relatively cheaper than the usual carrier tariffs. The users can accumulate the project’s native coin called Dent Coins either by buying the Dent Coins via PayPal, MasterCard, or referring the friends and families. And those accumulated coins can be exchanged for data packs or free mobile recharge/top-ups.

Here in this post we’ll focus on how to earn free Dent coins which can be used to buy data packs and free mobile recharges/ top-ups.


How to Earn Free Mobile Recharge and Data for any carriers using Dent app! [With Video Instructions]

Earn Free Mobile Recharge Online Dent App

  • Follow this LINK from your any mobile browser, and this link will redirect you to your respective app store for Android or iOS to download DENT app.
  • Enter your phone number and wait for the phone verification to happen automatically.
  • Choose to signup via “Facebook”, “Google” or enter the details manually. [Best option would be to select “Facebook”]
  • If you signed up between Nov-Dec 2018, you should receive around 1100 Dent Coins in total in your Dent app wallet; 600-700 Dent coins as “Signup Bonus” and another 300-500 Dent Coins as “Referred Bonus”. You can invite unlimited number of friends to earn free unlimited Dent Coins.
  • Tap on the top-right corner head icon on the app to go to your account, and select “Invite Friends”
  • Now invite your friends via SMS, e-mail, Whatsapp, Viber or any other messaging platform.
  • For every successful referral you will receive 190-600 Dent Coins.
  • Now tap on the number entry field at the top of the app, and enter your phone number along with your country code. If you are from Nepal enter your phone number like “+97798xxxxxxxx”.
  • Select your respective carrier to which you are topping up.
  • And the corresponding amount of Dent Coins will be deducted from your account.

Note: Since the daily volume is very fixed and limited, be sure you catch up the free recharge as early as you can. Else all available online recharge will be “Sold Out” for that day and will be made available next day.

We have a full length video down below to demonstrate the full steps on how to earn unlimited free mobile recharge and buy data for any carriers using DENT app.

Dent is genuine project and focuses on revolutionizing the telecommunication industry. Be early part of the project by downloading the app now and using the Dent coins to top-up your phone unlimited.

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