How to get LinkedIn Premium & LinkedIn Learning for free?

Highlight: This post shares updated information on how to get LinkedIn Premium Free w/ free LinkedIn Learning without having to enter the Credit Card details!

Are you looking to expand your business or professional network?

Are you a marketing guy looking to connect with business personnel of the different organizations?

Of course, Linkedin, the social network for professionals, shouldn’t be a new thing for you.

Linkedin is a business and employment-oriented service, launched on 2003, mainly used to connect with professional; a business person, Investor, Executives, Domain Expert, etc. to build the professional/business network including employers posting jobs and job seekers directly applying for a job. In addition to that, LinkedIn has many features like in any other social media to build your profile.

LinkedIn Free Membership Features

You can get most of the Linkedin features in free accounts.
Let’s have a look at what you can get with a LinkedIn free membership:

  • Building a professional identity on the web with your academic achievements, job experiences, training, certifications, skills, projects, etc.
  • Showcasing your professional profile.
  • Creating your company profile.
  • Building & maintaining a large trusted professional network.
  • Finding and connecting with colleagues, classmates, and business professionals.
  • Requesting & providing recommendations.
  • Searching and viewing profiles of other professionals.
  • Searching, posting and applying for a job.
  • Communicating with other Linkedin members using private messaging.
  • Sharing your post, article with other and viewing others’ contents.

LinkedIn Premium Features

In addition to the Linkedin free membership, you can get many professional features that will help you to reach more customers/audiences in Linkedin Premium.

  • Premium member badge on your profile, if you want.
  • Get full free access to 13,000+ expert-led courses equivalent to $25/month subscription on LinkedIn Learning.
  • You can directly send 5 InMails (Email) per month from your profile to other LinkedIn Members.
  • Find all list of LinkedIn profiles that viewed your profile on the last 90 days.
  • Job insights that match your skill sets.
  • Get featured when you apply for jobs on LinkedIn. Checking the Feature my Application when applying the job application will list your application at the top on job poster’s inbox.
  •  feature allows anyone to contact you directly for free and your profile may be suggested to other Premium members with similar career interests.
  • Quickly create a resume using your LinkedIn profile with an in-platform Resume Builder.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online e-learning platform that offers video courses taught by industry experts in different area like technology, software, creative, and business skills.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning was founded as which was bought by LinkedIn. Then, the site re-branded to “ From LinkedIn”. Again, After the acquisition of‘s parent company LinkedIn by Microsoft for $26.2B on June 13, 2016, it was renamed LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning comes in Basic and Premium plan. The Basic plan will give you access to the LinkedIn Learning feature only, however, Premium plan provides access to LinkedIn’s Premium Career features. So, after activating the LinkedIn Learning Premium plan, you will see a premium badge on your LinkedIn profile.

How to get LinkedIn Premium Free & LinkedIn Learning (Lynda·com) videos for free?

Like most of our other how-to posts on getting various services and products for free in a genuine way, this one is no exception. Here we have shared the tested and personally verified methods to get LinkedIn Premium & LinkedIn Learning for free.

Method 1: 1-Month Free Linkedin Learning / Linkedin Premium

You can easily get 1-month of free access to Linkedin Learning & Linkedin Premium by using their free trial option.

  • Go to LinkedIn Learning here.
  • Click on Start my free month.
    1-Month Free trial Linkedin Learning Linkedin Premium
  • Now, click on Try for free button under Premium column. If you select Try for free under “Basic” column, you will get LinkedIn Learning access only. So, select Try for free under the “Premium” column to get both Linkedin Learning & Linkedin Premium for free.
  • Then, select monthly or Annually plan.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the LinkedIn login page. Sign in to your LinkedIn. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, click on Join now and create a new account and proceed.
  • Enter your payment details for verification purpose.
  • Now, you can enjoy your 1-month free access to Linkedin Learning and Linkedin Premium.

Limitations: This will require you to enter your payment details while subscribing to the Linkedin Premium free trial.


Method 2: 3-Month Free LinkedIn Learning / Linkedin Premium

In this method, we will use the Visual Studio Dev Essentials developer program provided by Microsoft. Visual Studio Dev Essentials provides lots of Free tools, cloud services, and training, one of them is LinkedIn Learning.

As the LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) is integrated with LinkedIn Service, subscription on one service gives access to both. Meaning, using this method, we will get 3-month free Linkedin Premium membership along with 3-month LinkedIn Learning access. Good news is, you don’t even need to enter your credit card details to activate the service.

Now, Let’s talk step by step how to get 3-month LinkedIn Learning/LinkedIn Premium access for free.

How to get LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Learning for free - visual studio dev

  • Now, you will be asked to join using a Microsoft account. If you already have one use that account and click Next, else click on Create one! and proceed by creating a new outlook account.
  • After sign in using your Microsoft email, you will land on “Visual Studio Dev Essentials Benefits” page. Now, click on Get Code of Linkedin Learning box. Next, click on the Activate button that will appear.

How to get LinkedIn Premium - LinkedIn Learning free activation

  • Linkedin Learning page will open in another tab, Click on Activate your offer. Viola, this will activate your Linkedin Learning and LinkedIn Premium for 3 months.

How to get LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Learning for free - activation

This is it, you can check your LinkedIn account to see Premium badge on the profile right by your name!

Method 3: Another 1-Month of Free LinkedIn Premium / LinkedIn Learning

Yeah, it gets even better. After your premium subscription is over from the above methods, wait for a week or so, you’ll get an offer regarding reactivation of another one-month trial extension for Linkedin Premium for free.

The reactivation offer will be pushed via the sidebar of your LinkedIn feed and to the LinkedIn registered email.

Linkedin Premium Reactivation offer on Feed
Linkedin Premium Reactivation offer on Feed

The only thing you will need to do is click the “Reactive Premium for Free” or “Reactivate Free Trial” button and follow the same procedure as the first method!

Free Linkedin Premium Reactivation offer via Email
Free Linkedin Premium Reactivation offer via Email

In fact, if I am to reveal another interesting news, you can subscribe to one-month free LinkedIn Premium trial in every 12 months. So, literally, there’s an unlimited number of months you can experience free LinkedIn Premium depending upon how long you will be LinkedIn user!

How to get LinkedIn Premium Features for free?

As Linkedin and Linkedin Learning (formerly Lynda·com) get merged after the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft. So, when you get access to Linkedin Learning Premium plan you will automatically get full access to LinkedIn Premium for free.
Similarly, when you get a LinkedIn Premium membership you will automatically get full access to LinkedIn Learning for free.

So, no more of a hassle, just above method will work for you, giving access to both Linkedin Premium and Linkedin Learning simultaneously.

What is the difference between LinkedIn Learning and Lynda·com?

LinkedIn Learning is the rebranded name of Lynda·com after the acquisition of Lynda·com’s parent company LinkedIn by Microsoft. So, the courses available on Lynda are also available on LinkedIn Learning. Therefore, there is no major difference between them. The only difference is looks and interface of LinkedIn Learning and Lynda·com from the end-user perspective.

How much does LinkedIn Learning cost?

The Basic yearly subscription plan is billed $239.88 annually costing only $19.99 monthly, and the Basic monthly subscription plan is billed $24.99 monthly.
The Premium yearly subscription plan is billed $299.88 annually costing only $24.99 monthly, and the Premium Monthly subscription plan is billed $29.99 monthly.

How much does LinkedIn Learning cost

How much does LinkedIn Premium cost?

LinkedIn comes in a number of different plans. Some of the popular plans are LinkedIn Free, Premium Career, Premium Business, Sales Navigator Professional, Sales Navigator Team and Sales Navigator Enterprise.

LinkedIn Premium Subscription Pricing:

  1. LinkedIn Free: This is a free plan.
  2. Premium Career for job seekers: For the monthly plan, Premium Career costs $29.99 per month. For an annual plan, the Premium Career’s annual price is $299.88 ($24.99/month).
  3. Premium Business for Business Professionals: For the monthly plan, Premium Business costs $59.99 per month. For an annual plan, the price is $575.88 ($47.99/month).
  4. Sales Navigator for Sales Professionals: For the monthly plan, Sales Navigator starts at $79.99 per month. For the annual plan, the price is $779.88 ($64.99/month).
  5. Sales Navigator for the Sales Team: For the monthly plan, Sales Navigator Team starts at $79.99 per month. For an annual plan, the price is $779.88 ($99.99/month).
  6. Recruiter Lite for Recruiters: Recruiter Lite starts at $119.95 per month. The annual price is $1,199.40 ($99.95/month).


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