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How to make Windows 10 Taskbar centered-icons just like Windows 10X?

How to center Windows 10 Taskbar icons like Windows 10X

Windows 10 Taskbar is one of the versatile tools that can be customized in numerous ways. Previously, we have covered the Taskbar Transparency, Bandwidth Meter, Media Controls, Multiple Time Zones. The modification of the Windows 10 taskbar is such a cool way to surprise your friends. Well, we are here with one more trick for you; Windows Taskbar center icons.

The concept of the centered Windows Taskbar was first introduced in Windows 10X. For those who have no idea what Windows 10X is, it’s a new version of Windows 10 specifically built for foldable PC experience in both dual-screen and single-screen configuration. It has an adaptive taskbar and now, users can easily get the centered-taskbar look on their Windows 10 as well.

How to center Windows 10 Taskbar icons like Windows 10X?

FalconX is free and open-source software. Using this tool you can easily adapt the centered taskbar similar to Windows 10X. Follow the instructions given below to have centered icon windows taskbar,

  • Click here to download the FalconX zip file. For the official Github page (including source code), click here.
  • Extract the files and run Falconx.exe. This will automatically center the icons on the taskbar.

Note: You can get this tool from Microsoft Store as well. But it’s not free and you have to pay $1.09.

  • To change the settings go to FalconXSettings.exe file. Under the Falcon settings, you will see tabs like Animation, Position, Styling, About and Extra.
taskbar center icons animation tab falcon
Animation tab
  • You can select the type of animation you want to see on the taskbar from the Animation tab.
windows 10x falcon option position tab
Position tab
  • Under the Position tab, you can set Primary offset, secondary offset position and offset from edge.
falcon x settings styling tab
Styling tab
  • Using the Styling tab you can have transparent, blur and acrylic effects on the taskbar. You have to tick on the ‘Enable taskbar styling option.
  • The Extra tab contains a logon task schedule, refresh rate. If you can any changes here it will affect the CPU usage directly.
how to exit falconx taskbar icon
About tab
  • If you want to restore the original taskbar and stop this centered icon look click on About tab. Press ‘Stop’. This will revert back to the icon positions in the taskbar.

There are lots of things that can be done with Taskbar. If you are interested, please read taskbar tricks like Taskbar Transparency, Bandwidth Meter, Media Controls, Multiple Time Zones. If you have any confusion/ queries regarding the Windows 10 taskbar centered icon, please lets us know in the comments. We will try out best to help you.

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