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Reduce your eye-strain, enable Windows 10 Blue Light Filter/ Night Mode

how to enable blue light filter-night mode in windows 10

Here’s a quick summary of the steps to enable Windows Blue Light Filter (Night Mode):

  • Click on Windows (flag) icon and type ‘Night Light’.
  • Tap on ‘Turn on Now’ and adjust the Strength (brightness) as per your need.
  • Set the schedule for Night Light by setting ‘Turn On’ and ‘Turn Off’ hours.

Studies shows that the blue light emitted by the laptops, smartphone causes severe eye’s strain and disturbs our circadian rhythm (natural sleep-wake cycle). It even reduces the ability to maintain our energy throughout the day. But reducing the blue light emitting from the screen can help to lower the eye strain. This does not mean reducing the screen brightness. You may lower down the brightness but there’s still blue harsh blue light emitting from the screen. So, is there anything that can be done to reduce eye strain and use mobile and laptop without much distortion to our natural sleep cycle? Yes, and it’s Blue Light Filter.

What is Blue Light Filter?

Blue Light Filter reduces the blue light emitting from the computer screen and reduces eye strain. This feature is a blessing to all users who have to face the screen for a long period of time. There is a dark mode available for numerous apps. The dark also tends to reduce the blue light emitted from the screen. If you want to learn more about the dark mode, please do check out 33 Android Apps with Dark Mode Support and How to Enable it

Not only the dark mode, there are numerous third-party applications available but who wants to do much hassle when you get a built-in feature on Windows 10. Right? All the thanks to Microsoft for including Blue Light Sensitivity adjustment in Windows 10 settings.

You can enable this feature easily with the following instructions.

How to enable/ use Windows 10 Blue Light Filter?

Windows 10 Settings-system

  • Click on Windows (flag) icon and type ‘Settings’. Go to ‘System’, there you will see the Display option. or,
  • Click on Windows (flag) icon and type ‘Display Settings’. This will direct you to display setting with different display options.

Windows 10 Night Mode

  • Under the Display, there’s a ‘Night Light’ option. You have to enable this option and adjust the brightness as per your needs.

You can also follow a short route alternately.

  • Click on Windows (flag) icon and type ‘Night Light’. This will open Night Light settings directly.

Windows 10 Night Light Settings

  • Tap on ‘Turn on Now’ and adjust the Strength (brightness) as per your need. You can also set the schedule for Night Light.

Turn on Schedule for Night Light

Setting up the schedule for the Night Light will be a lot helpful. You can set the ‘Turn On’ and ‘Turn Off’ hours. This will automatically enable and disable the Windows Blue Light Filter according to your timing.

  • Turn on the Schedule night light and set the timing as shown below.

Windows 10 Night Light Schedule

In this way, you can reduce your eye strain. If you have any confusion regarding Blue Light Filter you can comment down. We will try out best to help you.

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