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Here’s how you can convert any articles into Audio Format and listen instead of reading it

Looking at the screen whether its mobile device or laptop for a longer period can be eye-straining. The blue light emitted by the screen can cause some serious problems on the eye. For Windows users, they can enable the built-in filter. For mobile users, they can use any third party eye-saver app or built-in protection as well. If you are reading something on the internet, or let’s say going through Prabidhi Info for the latest tech news and updates, rather than using a mobile device using a blue light filter, it will be far efficient to listen to the audio format of the article. To do so, you can use the Epic Privacy Browser and convert articles to audio format.

Epic Privacy Browser

Epic Privacy Browser is one of the first-ever Chromium-based browsers engineered to protect user’s privacy online. This browser can be used for multi-purpose. It has numerous built-in features like File Vault, Ad Block, Strict No-Logging Encrypted Proxy, Audio Queue, Fingerprinting Protection, Built-in Video Downloader, Reader Mode, and many more.

One of the outstanding features is the Audio Queue. Using this feature, you can easily convert Prabidhi Info (or any other webpages) articles into audio format and listen to them. This will save you time as you can listen to the latest tech and gadget updates while doing any household chores or any work.

How to convert Prabidhi Info Article into Audio Format?

  • Download and install the Epic Privacy Browser. Open the application, tap on ‘Accept & Continue’.
epic privacy browser articles to audio format conversion
  • On the browser’s main interface, open Prabidhi Info or click here. You can select and open any article you can to convert and listen.
  • Tap on the three-dot icon on the top-right corner and select ‘Add to Audio Queue’.
how to convert website articles into audio format
  • To access the audio files tap on ‘Audio Queue’ right above ‘Add to Audio Queue’. Here you can see the audio files. Simply tap on the ‘Play Button’ to listen to the audio version of the article.

That’s it and you’re done. Now you can listen to Prabidhi Info articles and get the latest information. Talking about the Epic Privacy Browser, it is available on Android (4.1 & up), iOS, Windows, and macOS. So far, it has been installed for more than 50,000 times from Play Store. If you have any issues while converting the article please let us know. We will try our best to help you. Enjoy listening to Prabidhi Info articles.

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