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Run Windows 10 Universal App easily with these commands

How to run Windows 10 Universal apps directly with commands

There’s no denying that Windows 10 has proved itself to be one of the best operating system. The built-in features like Game Mode, Blue Light Filter, Clipboard History, etc. has made Windows 10 undefeatable. These built-in features have excluded the need for the installation of other third-party applications. In addition to this Microsoft has included numerous universal applications in Windows 10. Thus replacing the classic desktop applications.

Universal apps basically mean it can run not only on Windows OS but also on Windows tablet, smartphone, smartphone or Xbox. You can open these universal apps directly with simple commands. Here we have listed Windows 10 universal apps with their respective commands.

3D Builder
Action Center ms-actioncenter:
Alarms & Clock ms-clock:
Available Networks ms-availablenetworks:
Calculator calculator:
Calendar outlookcal:
Candy Crush Soda Saga candycrushsodasaga:
Connect ms-projection:
Cortana ms-cortana:
Cortana Connected Services ms-cortana://notebook/?ConnectedServices
Cortana Personal Information ms-cortana://settings/ManageBingProfile
Device Discovery ms-settings-connectabledevices:devicediscovery
Drawboard PDF drawboardpdf:
Facebook fb:
Feedback Hub feedback-hub:
Get Help ms-contact-support:
Groove Music mswindowsmusic:
Mail outlookmail:
Maps bingmaps:
Messaging ms-chat:
Microsoft Edge microsoft-edge:
Microsoft News bingnews:
Microsoft Solitaire Collection xboxliveapp-1297287741:
Microsoft Store ms-windows-store:
Microsoft Store – Music microsoftmusic:
Microsoft Store – Movies & TV microsoftvideo:
Microsoft Whiteboard ms-whiteboard-cmd:
Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition minecraft:
Mixed Reality Camera ms-holocamera:
Mixed Reality Portal ms-holographicfirstrun:
Movies & TV mswindowsvideo:
Xbox – Network settings xbox-network:
Paint 3D ms-paint:
People ms-people:
Photos ms-photos:
Project Display ms-settings-displays-topology:projection
Settings ms-settings:
Tips ms-get-started:
Xbox – Friends list xbox-friendfinder:
View 3D Preview
Voice Recorder ms-callrecording:
XboxProfile page xbox-profile:
Windows Mixed Reality Environments ms-environment-builder:
Windows Parental Controls ms-wpc:
Xbox One SmartGlass smartglass:
Xbox xbox:
Twitter twitter:
Weather bingweather:
OneNote onenote:
XboxSettings xbox-settings:
Windows Security windowsdefender:


How to run Windows 10 universal apps?

You can run Windows 10 universal apps with the following methods:

Method 1


Open the File Explorer. In the address bar paste the command of the app you want to open.
NOTE: To open File Explorer, press ‘Windows (flag) key + e’. To learn more about the shortcut keys, please read:

Method 2


Press ‘Windows (flag) key + r’ to open the run command. Type the command of the app you wish to launch.

You can easily run any of the Windows 10 universal applications. If you have any confusion regarding these, please comment down. We will do our best to help you out.

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