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Jeff Geerling is offering ‘Ansible for DevOps & Kubernetes’ for Free

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Those who are keen to learn new stuffs may consider this lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, the perfect time. Platforms like Blinkist, Coursera, Packt, Udacity are offering their premium services all for free. Those who are committed to learning can take the utmost benefit from such offers. If those courses were not enough then we have something new for you. Jeff Geerling —highly experienced personnel in website and application scalability and performance, and front-end design— is offering his two best selling books: Ansible for DevOps & Ansible for Kubernetes, absolutely free through the month of April.

Ansible for DevOps

Jeff Geerling Ansible for DevOps Free

Ansible is a simple, but powerful, server and configuration management tool (with a few other tricks up its sleeve). This helps those familiar with the command line and basic shell scripting start using Ansible to provision and manage anywhere from one to thousands of servers. This book is currently available for free on LeanPub. It will be available for free soon on Amazon and iTunes.


Ansible for Kubernetes

Jeff Geerling Ansible for Kubernetes Free

Kubernetes is a powerful application deployment platform. Learn how to use these tools to automate massively-scalable, highly-available infrastructure. This book takes users on an automation journey—from building your first Kubernetes cluster with Ansible’s help to deploying and maintaining real-world, massively-scalable and highly-available applications.

This book is currently available for free on LeanPub.

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