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Office 2019 Dowload

Office 2019 is Officially available for Download for Windows and Mac

On Sep 24th, Microsoft officially announced and made available, the successor to the Office 2016, Microsoft Office 2019 to the trusted commercial customer (yet...
WRC Technical Festival Vector Direct Your Vision

WRC Technical Festival “Vector: Direct Your Vision” is happening on July 19-21

Vector: Direct Your Vision, the national-level technical festival is a huge event being organized by the Free Student Union (FSU), Paschimanchal Campus (WRC). The...
CodeCamp 2018

“Genese CodeCamp 2018” to be held with the theme ‘Human Aid’ in Pokhara

Genese Human Aid CodeCamp 2018 is being organized at Paschimanchal Campus on 18th-21st of July under the joint efforts of Club of Technical Students...
Facebook introduces new feature for ad transparency

Facebook introduces new feature for Ad Transparency

Since Russia’s intervention and manipulation of US voters during the 2016 US Presidential election using the Facebook and the Twitter as the means, both...