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OnePlus to launch their own AirPods. New Competitor to Galaxy Buds?

oneplus truly wireless airpods news

Wireless Earbuds used to be part of luxury and showoff. Only the rich lads could afford it because of its expensive price tag. But that’s not the case anymore. As of now most of the smartphone brands are ditching the traditional headphone jack and selling their own wireless earbuds. Apple set this trends in the first place with the introduction of Apple  AirPods. And now other brands seems to go along the way of Apple. OnePlus is set to launch its OnePlus truly wireless AirPods.

In the context of Nepal, we have different wireless earbuds available. From budget segment to mid-range and premium are available. With the introduction of Wireless Earbuds, the smartphone company claims that the smartphone is more rugged now and has better protection from water which is true. There is no more hassle of wire anymore. But for the gamer majority of them still, prefer wired headphone jack.

Recently Max J tweeted that OnePlus is developing its own truly wireless earbuds. OnePlus already has wireless earbuds, OnePlus Bullets Wireless. But people seem to prefer true wireless earbuds to cord connected buds. It is speculated that OnePlus truly wireless earbuds will rival the Galaxy Buds. So far there’s no image revel. This is the upcoming product from OnePlus. We will have to wait and see how the OnePlus truly wireless earbuds will be. Stick with for more updates.

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