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How to Get Paid UDEMY Courses for FREE?

How to get udemy paid courses for free

Founded in 2010, undoubtedly, Udemy has become the go-to place on the internet for the online learning. With more than the 65,000 courses, Udemy is the leading global marketplace for both the learning and the teaching online.

Udemy covers a total of nine different categories and 100 different sub-categories for learning from. More than 20 million students benefitting worldwide, and 30K supportive instructors, Udemy supports a total of 50 different languages!

There is the course for everyone, for every skill to learn. Some of them are available for free. However, most of them are paid.

So, what if we say, you can get the most of the paid Udemy courses for free, and yet legally. Not going through some black-hat methods. Yes, we have sorted out the top sources to get the 100% off free Udemy courses coupons.

How to Get Paid UDEMY Courses for FREE?

First, go to Udemy and sign in. If you have no account create one, then follow the rest of the article to activate Courses Coupon on your account. Also don’t forget to broad your knowledge on how to download Udemy videos for free to PC or Mobile Devices! Yup, totally legit and working!


How to get Paid Udemy Courses for free CouponScorpion

Coupon Scorpion is one of the top sources to find the free Udemy courses coupons. The website UI is simple and easy to navigate. The coupons on the website are updated regularly and categorized according to the categories mentioned on the Udemy website itself.

CouponScorpion has the badge like “Free” or “100% off” on each course displayed for easy distinguishing.


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How to get Paid Udemy Courses for free DISCUDEMY

Comparatively, easier to navigate and multi-linguistic friendly, Discudemy is a better version of the Coupon Scorpion to find paid Udemy courses for free.

Discudemy supports and features the coupons of the courses of five different languages; English, German, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.

The available coupons are categorized into the courses categories. The website adapts the grid layout to list the courses’ coupons! Also, the website has a section in the footer displaying the most popular courses in the last five days.

How to get Paid Udemy Courses for free Oz-bargain

Honestly, this website/forum is one combo of all the deals available online. The users are the sole contributors to this website/forum.

You can visit the website/forum via this link, the user named “doweyy” rummages through the internet and posts free Udemy courses coupons deals once a month.

Unlike other websites mentioned above, the links to the free courses are direct, no more hassle to follow 2-3 redirected links.

How to get Paid Udemy Courses for free Best-Course-Online

The website generally features all the courses that are either partially free or fully free. However, this specific link has quite an updated list of the 100% free Udemy courses coupons!

Some Software Development related Udemy free tutorials courses

And some other mentionable links to find 100% free Udemy courses Coupons!



If you are enrolling in a huge number of courses for free using the coupon code continuously, you might encounter the error message “You have exceeded the maximum number of requests.”

In that case, either wait for a while and retry to enroll to the same course, or “Add to Cart” all the courses you are trying to enroll in, and in the end, go to the cart and enroll at once. Also, sometimes, in the cart, some courses might show as not free, for that, you can remove the respective and enroll that specific case later.

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