What are the Postal Codes / PIN (ZIP) codes of Nepal? Why are they important?

Postal Codes (also commonly called a PIN Code or ZIP code) are required when you are sending or receiving the parcel across the locations. Importantly, required during online shopping these days. Here we have prepared a complete list of postal codes of Nepal and briefed why are zip codes important and how to use them. Besides, because of immense confusion on how to enter a 6-digit postal code for Kathmandu, Nepal in Apple ID, we have also covered that topic.

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What is the Postal Code (ZIP codes or PIN code)?

As per Wikipedia definition, postal codes are unique identifiers either series or combination of letters, digits, or even spaces and punctuation included in the postal address with a purpose to make mail sorting easy. The postal codes are named differently depending upon the country. In India, postal codes are known as PIN, which stands for Postal Index Number, commonly called a PIN code. Similarly, in the US and the Philippines, the postal codes are termed as ZIP code, where the ZIP is the acronym form of Zone Improvement Plan. And in Nepal, it’s simply called Postal Code.

When were the ZIP (PIN) codes introduced in Nepal?

Postal codes were first introduced circa 1860 to ease the sorting process and alleviate the complexity of the parcel delivery. But the actual adoption was pushed during World War I when the larger European cities started using it. However, the modern postcodes as we know of were first initiated by USSR in 1932 and followed by Germany in 1941. This led Singapore to use it in 1950, Argentina in 1958, the US in 1963, the UK in 1974, and so on.

But for Nepal, it took the late 1990s to implement the postal codes into the postal services.

Commonly used Postal Codes for Nepal (Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini)

Post Office Postal / Pin Code Post Office Type
Kathmandu 44600 G.P.O.
Kaski / Pokhara 33700 W.R.P.D.
Lumbini 32914 A.P.O.
Chitwan 44200 D.P.O.
Parsa / Birgunj 44300 D.P.O.
Sankhu 44601 A.P.O.
Chabahil 44602 A.P.O.
Sundarijal 44603 A.P.O.
Gauchar 44604 A.P.O.
Dillibazar 44605 A.P.O.

For the detailed postal code of Nepal, please refer to the table down below.

Why are PIN Codes (ZIP Code) so important?

Postal codes (ZIP code) are not something Nepali often use. But the postal codes are one of the most important parts to use when you are sending or receiving couriers. The postal codes help the mailmen to speed up the sorting and delivery process for your courier to the right address. For example, in a large city, there might be a street with similar or identical names, and in those cases, without correct postal codes (ZIP codes) delivering parcel could be difficult.

These days postal codes have become well-known or subject for curiosity in youths because of the increasing adoption of technology and growth in online shopping habits.

How do you use Postal Codes (ZIP Code) for Nepal while online shopping on Aliexpress, Amazon, or Gearbest?

Postal Code (PIN code, ZIP code) for Kathmandu Nepal Format

Before you learn how to use postal codes for Nepal while shopping online on Aliexpress, Amazon or any other, here’s what the digits signify in the ZIP codes.

For example, let’s take a postal code for Kathmandu, which is 44600.

4 4 6 0 0

Generally, the first digit in the postal code (ZIP codes) represents “Region/Province” (Province 2), the second and third digits represent “District” (Kathmandu District). And the last two digits address the post office in that local area or street.

For another example, let’s take a postal code for Pokhara, which is 33700.

3 3 7 0 0

Generally, the first digit in the postal code (ZIP codes) represents “Region/Province” (Province 4), the second and third digits represent “District” (Kaski District). And the last two digits address the post office in that local area or street.

Now here’s how to use the postal code (ZIP codes) for Nepal in the address format.

Mr. Manesh Shrestha
Tech Vumi, Bhaktithapa Sadak
New Baneshwor

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What to enter in Postal Code of Nepal (Kathmandu) for Apple ID?

Apple ID is the first thing to set up on any Apple products, be it an iPhone, an iPad or MacBook. But sometimes, creating something as easy as an Apple ID can get difficult for Nepali because of the restrictions and other different factors.

Everything while creating an Apple ID can be easily sorted except for the 6-digit postal code for Nepal (Kathmandu) and 9-digit phone number required. Both of these two things required are unusual because the postal code for Nepal is of 5 digits and the mobile number in Nepal is of 10 digits.

But there’s a way around for this issue, just follow the below steps.


For 6 digit Postal Code for Nepal in Apple ID:

While entering the 6-digit postal code for Nepal in Apple ID form, take any postal code of your city and add a “0” in front of it.

For example: If you are entering a 6-digit postal code for Kathmandu, Nepal in Apple ID form, enter “044600” in the postal code field box, where “44600” is postal code of Kathmandu.

For 9-digit Phone Number for Nepal in Apple ID:

As aforementioned, Nepal uses 10-digit mobile phone numbers, however, there are other forms of contact numbers that are less than 9 digits — Landline numbers. So, while entering the 9-digit phone number for Nepal in Apple ID form, simply enter your landline number with area code and if you don’t have any landline number, use “014433326” which is the landline number for the General Post Office (GPO) situated in Dilibazar, Kathmandu.

List of Postal Code for Nepal

District Post Office Postal / Pin Code Post Office Type
Achham Achham 10700 D.P.O.
Chaurpati 10710 A.P.O.
Srikot 10702 A.P.O.
Thanti 10703 A.P.O.
Mellekh 10704 A.P.O.
Bayalpata 10705 A.P.O.
Bhatakatiya 10706 A.P.O.
Timalsen 10707 A.P.O.
Kalagaun 10709 A.P.O.
Kuchikot 10711 A.P.O.
Kamal bazar 10711 A.P.O.
Dhakari 10712 A.P.O.
Turmakhad 10713 A.P.O.
Arghakhanchi Arghakhanchi 32700 D.P.O.
Balkot 32701 A.P.O.
Arghatosh 32702 A.P.O.
Khana 32703 A.P.O.
Wangla 32704 A.P.O.
Hamshapur 32705 A.P.O.
Thada 32706 A.P.O.
Khilji 32708 A.P.O.
Khidim 32709 A.P.O.
Pali 32710 A.P.O.
Dhikura 32711 A.P.O.
Argha 32712 A.P.O.
Subarnakhal 32713 A.P.O.
Baglung Baglung 33300 D.P.O.
Pala 33302 A.P.O.
Bihukot 33303 A.P.O.
Harichaur 33304 A.P.O.
Balewa Payupata 33305 A.P.O.
Jaidi Belbagar 33306 A.P.O.
Bereng 33307 A.P.O.
Galkot 33308 A.P.O.
Pandavkhani 33309 A.P.O.
Arnakot 33310 A.P.O.
Khrwang 33311 A.P.O.
Bongadovan 33312 A.P.O.
Jhimpa 33313 A.P.O.
Kusmi Shera 33314 A.P.O.
Baitadi Baitadi 10200 D.P.O.
Kesharpur 10201 A.P.O.
Patan 10202 A.P.O.
Khodpe 10203 A.P.O.
Mulkhatali 10204 A.P.O.
Gajari Changgad 10205 A.P.O.
Dehimandau 10207 A.P.O.
Sharmali 10209 A.P.O.
Srikot 10210 A.P.O.
Dilasaini 10211 A.P.O.
Swopana Taladehi 10212 A.P.O.
Purchaudihat 10213 A.P.O.
Sitad 10214 A.P.O.
Dhungad 10215 A.P.O.
Bajhang Bajhang 10500 D.P.O.
Talkot 10501 A.P.O.
Jamatola 10502 A.P.O.
Jaya Prithivi Nagar 10505 A.P.O.
Chhanna 10506 A.P.O.
Chaudhari 10507 A.P.O.
Rayal 10508 A.P.O.
Thalara 10509 A.P.O.
Bungal 10510 A.P.O.
Shayadi 10511 A.P.O.
Bajura Bajura 10600 D.P.O.
Dandakot 10602 A.P.O.
Jukot 10603 A.P.O.
Faiti 10604 A.P.O.
Kolti 10605 A.P.O.
Manakot 10606 A.P.O.
Dogadi 10607 A.P.O.
Tate 10608 A.P.O.
Chhatara 10609 A.P.O.
Banke Banke 21900 D.P.O.
Suiya 21901 A.P.O.
Bhojbhagawanpur 21902 A.P.O.
Khaskusma 21903 A.P.O.
Kohalpur 21904 A.P.O.
Ramjha 21905 A.P.O.
Udayapur 21907 A.P.O.
Chisapani 21910 A.P.O.
Godahana 21911 A.P.O.
Jayaspur 21912 A.P.O.
Khajura 21913 A.P.O.
Chandranagar 21914 A.P.O.
Bara Bara 44400 D.P.O.
Nijgadh 44401 A.P.O.
Mahendra Adarsha 44402 A.P.O.
Simraungadh 44403 A.P.O.
Umjan 44404 A.P.O.
Bariyarpur 44405 A.P.O.
Kabahigoth 44406 A.P.O.
Dumarwana 44408 A.P.O.
Pipradhigoth 44410 A.P.O.
Basatpur 44411 A.P.O.
Simra 44412 A.P.O.
Parsauni 44413 A.P.O.
Amalekhgunj 44416 A.P.O.
Jeetpur (Bhavanipur) 44417 A.P.O.
Bardiya Bardiya 21800 D.P.O.
Jamuni 21801 A.P.O.
Mainapokhar 21802 A.P.O.
Motipur 21803 A.P.O.
Magaragadi 21804 A.P.O.
Baganaha 21808 A.P.O.
Bhurigaun 21809 A.P.O.
Rajapur 21811 A.P.O.
Pashupatinagar 21813 A.P.O.
Sanoshri 21814 A.P.O.

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