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Udacity is giving free tech training courses for 30 days on this pandemic lock down

udacity free tech training courses offer coronavirus

Looking at the effects of Coronavirus it is no less than a disaster. If we look at the global data, so far (as writing this article) 721,643 cases of COVID-19 is seen. Out of which 32,986 people have lost their life, 152,175 people have recovered and 535,482 are still active cases. In the context of Nepal, the lockdown time period is extended. Rather than wasting this time and for personal development, different platforms are offering numerous services for free. Talking about the platform, Udacity, one of the biggest online learning platform is offering free tech training for laid-off workers.

Udacity Free Tech Training Courses

udacity free courses offer list

In response to this pandemic and the lockdown due to is, Udacity is offering free tech training to the people. The main aim of this offer is to make sure people get knowledge on numerous fields like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Data Analysis. If you take note these three factors are responsible for driving for today’s world. For the login portal, please click here.

udacity pledge to america's workers

On offering the free course Gabe Dalporto, CEO of Udacity said, “I think those reports were a giant wake-up call for everybody. This [virus] will create disruption across the board and in many industries, and we wanted to do our part to help.”

“America is facing a massive shortage of workers with the right technical skills, and as employers, retraining your existing workforce to address that shortage is the most efficient, cost-effective way to fill those gaps in an organization,” Dalporto says. “The great irony in the world right now is that at the same time that a lot of people are going to lose their jobs, there are areas in corporations where managers just can’t hire enough people for jobs in data analytics, cloud computing, and AI.”

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Udacity is also funding the scholarships completely. Workers can apply for them by clicking here. The first 50 eligible applicants from each company will be able to begin the coursework. As per Gabe Dalporto, any individual can enroll for free in any one of Udacity’s 40 different nano degree programs. The first month will be free for those who enroll in a monthly subscription. Individuals select the course among Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Autonomous System, Cloud Computing, and Business. Within these programs, you can find a variety of courses.

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