Video editing has always been an interesting subject for everyone. If you are a beginner and have thought of learning video editing, then here lies the big question: which video editing software is best for a beginner? It would be a hassle for you to search, try and find out. However, no need to worry about that anymore. We have found the best easy-to-use video editing software; Wondershare Filmora 9. And this “Wondershare Filmora 9 Review” article covers the ins and outs of Filmora9.

Filmora 9 Review

Filmora9 can be used for editing your videos, slideshow between videos and photos. You can fully apply numerous effects, transitions, and filters. Using such features you can turn your simple clip into beautiful content.

The user interface of Filmora is very handy. A rookie to the editing can easily get along the settings of the software. The overall usability of the Filmora9 is far better, adaptable than other video editing software we’ve come across.

Wondershare Filmora 9: Overview

On running the application, you will experience that Wondershare Filmora 9 has a very user-friendly interface. Every tool you need for editing task is aligned perfectly. You can have your media content on the media section.

The most impressive part of Filmora is that you can import videos from Facebook and Instagram and not only that you can directly upload your videos to YouTube. This is a great feature of Filmora. Options like drag and media files, burning your video to DVD makes the task easy.

For the audio effects, there are numerous options on the Audio section. There are different custom title styles available in the Title section. There are different transitions like Basic, 3D, Ripple and Dissolve, Speed Blur, Warp and many more. Other than Transition media there are Effect media and Elements media. There’s a good range of options for the Split screen as well. All of these tools are vital for the editing process.

Wondershare Filmora 9: Key Features 

Any Video Editing Software aimed for editing must have the basic tool required for editing. If you are an aspiring filmmaker or video editor all you need is the right set of tools in an organized manner.

Admiringly, Filmora9 is packed with loads of features, effects, transitions and other incredible features.

Directly Upload to YouTube and Vimeo

filmora9 export to youtube

This feature is something I never thought would be implemented. But now it’s available in Filmora9. All you have to do is link your YouTube account by Signing in and you will be able to upload directly to YouTube. This is indeed the greatest gift for YouTubers around the world. Now they can upload their completed project to YouTube without any hassle from the software itself.

100’s of Video / Audio Track

filmora9 audio video tracks

Filmora9 allows you to add 100 video tracks and 100 audio tracks. This will be great to create complex projects and more vast contents. Normal projects won’t require video files more than two or three. But if you are working on the film project, music videos, documentary, etc you will have great flexibility.

Creative Tools – Filter, Effects, Transition, Titles

The inclusion of the Filters, Effects, Transitions, Titles or overlays makes your content even more appealing and watchable. These give your video professional look. Filmora9 has all of these features. You don’t have to do any hassle as you effortlessly apply these to your video and make it look awesome.

Complete set of Sound Tools

Sound is a crucial part of the video. Whether it is music, adding background music, background noise cancellation, equalizer or keyframing, Filmora offers all of these. Filmora aids you in having the perfect audio for your video.

Full 4K Support

If you have 4K video for editing, no more worrying about that. Filmora9 supports 4K video editing which is very helpful for the content creators.

Multiple Video Imports

Filmora9 lets you import multiple videos all at once. You can add up to 100 layers according to your project. This feature will definitely help you to create awesome content.

Color Grading

You definitely want your picture or video to be perfect. Color saturation is one of the key factors resulting in this. With Filmora9 you can adjust the color in pictures and video as per your preference.

Filmora 9 Price: How much does Filmora9 cost?

Filmora 9 and Filmora Pro both are incredible video editing software. Filmora 9 offers you three different plan: Individual, Business and Education plan

Filmora9 Individual Plan

Under the Filmora Individual Plan, you get three more sub-plan. You can choose between as per your needs.

filmora9 individual plan

Annual Plan: Filmora9 Annual Plan costs you $49.99 per year. You can automatically renew or cancel the plan anytime you want. Annual Plan includes all features, free updates, free tech support and there’ll be no watermarks.

Lifetime Plan: This is the most popular Filmora9 Individual Plan. Filmora9 Lifetime Plan costs you $69.99. You will get a lifetime license as a one-time-fee. Lifetime Plan includes all features, free updates, free tech support and there’ll be no watermarks.

Annual Bundle Plan: Now you can purchase the Annual Bundle Plan for $99.87 per year. You are getting $60 off as previously it cost $159.87 per year. Annual Bundle Plans includes Plan includes all features, free updates, free tech support and there’ll be no watermarks, unlimited downloads from the Filmstocks Standard Library and new effects every month.

Filmora9 Business Plan

filmora9 business plan

Filmora9 Business Plan is basically intended for business use. This, too, includes three sub-plan. The price of each plan is billed annually.

Basic Business Plan

Filmora9 Basic Business Plan costs you $12.99 per month. You can adjust the user quantity as per your needs. This plan includes all Filmora9’s editing features, free updates, free tech support, permission for company use, access to Filmstocks, no attribution required, multi-user control and volume discount.

Standard Business Plan

Standard Business Plan costs you $24.99 per month. Similar to Basic Business Plan, You can adjust the number of user quantity. This plan includes all Filmora9’s editing features, free updates, free tech support, permission for company use, access to Filmstocks, no attribution required, multi-user control and volume discount, 1-1 sales support and flexible payment options.

Premium Business Plan

Premium Business Plan costs you $57.99 per month. This includes all Filmora9’s editing features, free updates, free tech support, permission for company use, access to Filmstocks, no attribution required, multi-user control and volume discount, 1-1 sales support and flexible payment options.

Filmora9 Educational Plan

If you are a student, then here’s good news for you. You can save up to 28% on Filmore9’s all the subscription plans; Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, and Lifetime. Filmora9 Educational Plan price starts at $7.99/month for the monthly plan.

  • Monthly Plan: The Monthly Plan costs $7.99/month. This will be billed monthly. You can cancel this plan any time you want.
  • Quarterly Plan: Quarterly Plan costs $15.99. This will be billed quarterly. You can also cancel this plan any time you want.
  • Annual Plan: Annual Plan costs $31.99 with 20% off. This will be billed annually. You can also cancel this plan any time you want.
  • Lifetime Plan: Lifetime Plan costs $48.99 with 30% off. This is a one-time fee.

How to upgrade from Filmora9 to Filmora Pro?

You can easily upgrade from Filmora9 to Filmora Pro with the verification of your Wondershare ID by clicking here. If you have Wondershare ID, you can buy Filmora Pro at a discounted price.

upgrade filmora9 to filmora pro

Filmora9 vs FilmoraPro:  Which one to choose?

You must have heard of Wondershare Filmora Pro. Filmora Pro is another video editing software from Filmora. Which one is better Filmora9 or Filmora Pro? This is the most common question among numerous people. Simply you can say that Filmora Pro is an upgraded version of Filmora9 with additional features.

Filmora9 has a very intuitive user interface. It makes any user to easily adapt to the working environment. Filmora9 includes features like Music and Sound Effects, Media Recording, YouTube-Ready Titles, and Effects.

Filmora Pro has more advanced editing modes, including slip editing, slide editing, advance balance, and color correction controls, larger effects library full of customizable professional effects and other features like Audio Compressor and Noise Reduction.

Filmora9 Free Trial Version

Filmora9 does come in free version too. In fact, Filmora 9 free version includes all the basic features found in the paid version. You can download the free version of Filmora9 from the official website. However, there are certain limitations to free trial version. When you are exporting your video, there will be a watermark on your video. And also, you will not receive any free tech support.

Filmora9 vs Filmora9 Alternatives

Obviously, the market isn’t short of video editing software/tools. Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro stand first in line, but there are few other software that levels with Filmore9. Among them, Camtasia and VideoPad are the ones!

Software Type Offline Offline Offline
Simple to use
Record Screen
Cut, trim, crop video
Multiple Video Track ✔ (Up to 100 tracks)
Filters, Effects, Transition
Audio Adjustment ✔ ( Add up to 100 tracks)
Chroma Key
Split Screen
4K Video Edit
Social Sharing
YouTube Upload X X
360-degree Video Editing X
Export to Blue-ray X
Action Cam Tool X
Export to Facebook X
Import Powerpoint X
Trial Limitations Unlimited Trial
But, there will be watermark andYou will not receive free tech support
30 Days Non-commercial use only
OS Windows/ Mac Windows/ Mac Windows/Mac


Wondershare Filmora 9 Review: Pros and Cons


  • Can add 100 of video and audio tracks
  • Can directly upload your finish content to YouTube or Vimeo
  • User-friendly and easily adaptable user interface
  • Best value for money
  • Best option for Beginners
  • Wide range of features
  • Video Stabilizing has improved a lot.


  • Slow video rendering speed compared to other
  • Free version has a watermark on exported videos
  • No Storyboard mode

Wondershare Filmora 9 Review: Verdict

Within or less than 30 minutes you will get basic of Filmora9. This software is very effective for beginners. Since Filmora has built-in features to upload videos on YouTube, it has made it a lot easier for content creators to edit and upload their videos. Fascinating features like adding up 100 of the video and audio track made it so reliable to create more of a professional video.

Compared to other video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro, Wondershare Filmora 9 is way more comfortable to edit the video and get a grip of tools. The arrangement of the media tools, feature to share work online in Filmora9 has helped for editing and is quite straight forward. The best part about Filmora9 is that it’s made for everyone.

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