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Xiaomi files a new patent that detects and informs about swelling of the battery

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Xiaomi is making a lot of headlines in recent days. With the announcement of port-less, button-less, and quad curved display concept phone, revolutionary Mi Air Charge technology, and whooping 80W wireless charging, this tech company buzzing all over the internet. Just a couple of days ago, news regarding Xiaomi’s patent surfaced. Xiaomi filed (about a month ago) a patent that can tell if your phone’s battery is swelling, ‘Battery Expansion Prompt Method and Device’.

Xiaomi’s ‘Battery Expansion Prompt Method and Device’ Patent

The battery is one of the main components of the smartphone. One of the major factors having an impact on the ultimate performance of the smartphone is a battery. If anything happens to the battery it downgrades the overall user experience. Bulging battery is one of the common issues. It’s a risk for the user also.

Xiaomi new patent Battery Expansion Prompt Method and Device

 Not so long ago we had a smartphone with an easily replaceable and detachable battery. But now we all have a non-removable battery. Plus the water-resistant seal makes it even harder for third-party repairing.

Xiaomi seems to look at this issue seriously. A Chinese publication covered the news regarding Xiaomi’s new tech patent. Xiaomi filed a new tech patent about a month ago titled, “Battery Expansion Prompt Method and Device” which was invented by Luo Wenhui.

What this new patent is all about?

The patent states, “The present disclosure relates to a method for prompting battery expansion. The device includes a battery compartment, a battery back cover, piezoelectric ceramics, and a current detection circuit; wherein the piezoelectric ceramic is arranged on the inner side of the battery back cover at a position facing the battery; or the bottom of the battery compartment.”

battery drain issue xiaomi new patent

“The current detection circuit is connected to the piezoelectric ceramic and is used to detect a current signal generated by the piezoelectric ceramic. When the piezoelectric ceramic generates a current signal, it indicates that the degree of battery expansion exceeds an expansion threshold.”

By the name, one can tell that this technology will be able to detect any battery issues especially abnormal expansion, and inform the user about the issues such as aging, & its health. The early alertness about the swelling of the battery will help everyone. This will help you stop using the device or replace it as soon as possible preventing any further injuries or damage.

Xiaomi’s new technology availability

Just like with other Xiaomi’s technology we are not sure when this will hit the market. We are speculating that Xiaomi will integrate this tech with a new smartphone. If Xiaomi brings this technology into the market as early as possible that’d be better. Since the battery is no longer easily detachable. We cannot take a look at it regularly. . Other than that all we can do is wait and watch for upcoming days. We can expect other companies like Apple and Samsung to adopt and replicate this tech in their preference. We will keep you updated on this.

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