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Xiaomi’s new Mi Mix concept phone will be both rollable and foldable


We are just into the second month of 2021 and Xiaomi has already blown us away with jaw-dropping tech news. Whether it’s the Xiaomi Mi Air Technology, or quad curved display concept smartphone, or the new patent, all of them are quite promising. Now Xiaomi is here again with another innovation. This company is taking the Mi MIX family to the next level by making it both foldable and rollable. Yep, you read that right, a smartphone that is both foldable and rollable.

Futuristic Xiaomi Mi MIX Concept Phone: Rollable & Foldable

The futuristic Xiaomi Mi MIX concept phone looks quite unrealistic for now. But it has caught everyone’s attention. So far we have seen foldable smartphones like Motorola Razr, Samsung Galaxy Fold. Not so long ago LG teased the rollable phone at virtual CES 2021. To build these devices, tech engineering has to be on the top level. Now imagine Xiaomi submerging these two innovations on the same smartphone.

Here are some of the pictures from Weibo. There will be an under-display camera. The bezels will be quite minimal on both the top and bottom edge. The device looks stunning on the paper. But how it will be in hand is still a question.

It will be a total flex from Xiaomi if it’s made public. The pros and cons of this tech can then only be evaluated. It’d be interesting to see if other companies will adapt to this. If they do then there be more foldable and rollable devices. The foldable devices look appealing but they have had some issues. The crease on the middle of the screen, easily scratch-able display, and a hefty price tag are still bothering users. Accidently if anything happens to the device it’s a nightmare to repair.

xiaomi mi mix rollable foldable concept design

Talking about the rollable device, Oppo launched the first-ever commercial rollable device, Oppo X. This revolutionary tech solved the main issue of having a foldable device i.e crease. But the display still has that softness that makes it prone to scratches.

There’s no confirmation on the availability of this device. We are not sure if Xiaomi will manufacture this device globally. But just like other futuristic devices, if this device does hit the market, the price tag will surely empty your pockets.

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