YouTube will lower video streaming quality due to Coronavirus outbreak

The impact of Coronavirus grow bigger day by day. The number of death due to COVID-19 keeps increasing globally. People in Italy are suffering worse. This pandemic situation has affected everyone’s life. The world economy has turned upside down. There’s lockdown in different countries. People are staying quarantine. The COVID-19 has affected Nepal as well. So far in Nepal, more than 610 cases have been tested. You can get more details on, Coronavirus Total Cases and News update in Nepal.

YouTube reduces default streaming quality

For the safety of the people, the Nepal Government has decided to go down a complete lockdown starting from 24th March. The lockdown in Nepal has affected the ISP as well. As most of the people are in the home browsing the internet, it has caused the state of crisis. Not only in Nepal, this problem faced by everyone around the world. Following this matter, YouTube will temporarily set the default streaming quality to standard 480p. The sole reason for this is to ease internet traffic during this outbreak.

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Although the default quality will be reduced, there still will be streaming options in high quality. But it will be better for all of us to use 480p quality. This eases up the network stress at least a little bit. YouTube has already initiated this policy in Europe where the officials requested major streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video to reduce respective bandwidth usage.

On this matter, Google also stated, “We continue to work closely with governments and network operators around the globe to do our part to minimize stress on the system during this unprecedented situation.”

The ISP’s in Nepal are facing major issues as the demand as the supply status is imbalanced. There’s no point on blaming ISP’s as they were not prepared for this. Bhoj Raj Bhatta, President of ISPAN (Internet Service Providers Association of Nepal) said that in the peak hours the bandwidth consumption had increased by 22-25 percent within these few days. More bandwidth is consumed due to streaming (YouTube or any other streaming services). We urge everyone one of us to use the Internet wisely so that we can reduce the network stress.

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