With the grand success of CodeCamp 2018, CodeCamp 2019 is all set to happen in the premise of IOE, Paschimanchal Campus, Lamachaur Pokhara. CodeCamp 2019 is scheduled from December 25 to December 27 as a pre-event of the VECTOR-second technical festival. 

CodeCamp 2019 is a three-day competitive coding competition. Here, each team must come with innovative ideas, design prototype of that idea into a business model and pitch it in front of judges within three days. The ideas must be within the theme which is provided by the organizers. And there are all-together 3 themes for this CodeCamp. The themes are Rural Tourism, Public Health, & e-Governance. CodeCamp 2019 is jointly organized by Innovative Computer Engineering Society (i-CES) and Club of Technical Society.

CodeCamp 2019, Coding Competition Paschimanchal Campus

There are various types of winning prizes allocated to the winners in the CodeCamp 2019. The main event winner will be the one among all the themes with the highest points given by the judge. The main winner will receive Rs. 25,000 cash prize and there will also be one winner under each theme who will be awarded Rs. 12,000, plus jobs/internships to winning teams at Leapfrog.

More to this, T-shirts and stickers will also be provided to each of the participants. During the CodeCamp 2019, the organizers will be providing lodging and fooding for those who are from outside the Pokhara valley. Besides, the participants will have opportunities to build strong network connections with judges and mentors. The mentors will assist in shaping the raw ideas into a fruitful model that will serve to be a solution to the existing problem of provided themes.


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