Facebook introduces new feature for Ad Transparency

Since Russia’s intervention and manipulation of US voters during the 2016 US Presidential election using the Facebook and the Twitter as the means, both the social media’s ad policies have been criticized. Regarding these criticisms, on June 28, both the Facebook and the Twitter have come up with new policies and features to add more transparency to advertising.

The newly added feature introduces a new section called “Info and Ads” to every page. “Info and Ads” will cover the general information about Pages — date of creation of the Page and the name changes made to the Page, and allow the visitors view the currently active ads run by the Page.

This, sure, hands more transparency and power to the users as they can now report the ad directly from the Page “Info and Ads” section if found violated the Facebook policies.

How to see the Page’s Ads run by Facebook Pages?

The visitors can view the ads currently run by a Page on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Company Products, even the visitors are not the part of the targeted audience.


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To see the Page’s Ads:

  • Go to the Page you want to check.
  • Select “Info and Ads” in the left column for the desktop/browser version and for the mobile app version, tap on the “ⓘ Info and Ads” by the right bottom of the cover picture.

A new feature introduced for Facebook ad transparency

Generally, the visitors are able to view the ads currently running in their country (if any). However, the visitors can still choose the country from the list to view the ads that the Page’s currently running there.

*Learn more at Facebook Help Centre

In the meeting with the reporters, Facebook COO Sherly Sandberg said Facebook is providing much more transparency and doing more to review political ads than any other [social media] advertising platform.

In adding to this worldwide released feature, Facebook will be accepting Brazil’s political advertisers’ registration. This new political ad screening policy was rolled in May in the US and now made to Brazil, ahead of the election in Oct. The new feature will allow anyone to view the ads statistics, the targeted audience, the ads’ cost and money spent on the ads.

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