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Government to provide free job training courses (here’s how to apply)

free job training

Vocational and Skill Development Training Academy at ­­Bhaisipatti, Lalitpur are organizing a program to give free job training courses for 4 professions; Auto mechanics, Motorcycle repairing, Electronics mechanics and Hairdresser. Training for these four professions is free of cost because the government aims to solve the present unemployment problem and improve economic situation of the country and eradicate poverty by providing skills to necessary people. The training will be totally free of cost but the candidate will have to manage their lunch and snacks on their own.

Who can join the free skill training program and how?

Youths who are above 18 years and people who are under 30 years can easily join the free skill training program. In the case of Single or unmarried women, physically disabled people and victims of war or natural disaster can join the program if they are under 40 years. All the people willing to join the program will have to pass the interview to go through courses.

How much educated you should be?

No. Training courses Basic educational qualification Interview Dates
1. Auto mechanics 8th  standard pass 2076/8/3
2. Motorcycle repairing 8th  standard pass 2076/8/4
3. Electronics mechanic 10th standard pass 2076/8/5
4. Hairdresser 8th standard pass 2056/8/6

What papers and documents will you need?

The first and foremost thing is that candidate should be a citizenship holder and should bring their citizenship or citizenship’s photocopy along with their clearly filled free training course form and their educational qualification certificates or certificates photocopy.  

When and where will be this program organized and for how many days will it run?

The free training course will start from 27 November 2019 (Mangsir 11, 2076) at The Vocational and Skill Development Training Academy at ­­Bhaisipatti, Lalitpur. The free training course will run for a total of 3 months.

Where do we get the form and where do we submit?

Interested people can visit The Vocational and Skill Development Training Academy at Bhaisipatti, Lalitpur to get the form or can download the form online from here. The form should be filled and submitted before 17 November 2019 (Mangsir  1, 2076). For more information, you can call at The Vocational and Skill Development Training Academy at Bhaisipatti, Lalitpur: 01-5590800, 01-5590894. 01-5590254.

Note: More priority will be given to physically disabled people, homeless, martyrs family, reserved tribal people, orphans, single and unmarried woman and victims of war and natural disaster.

Official notice from the government:

free job training

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