Apple has a huge influence over the Nepali market. Although the Apple gadgets are highly-priced, there are many Apple users in Nepal. Most of the products are shipped from the US or China. But now, it is expected that Apple will start manufacturing the iPhone in India. It is expected that this will reduce the costly price.

iphone made in india

In the current scenario, Apple has started to assemble iPhone XR by Foxconn’s facility in Chennai. Beforehand Wistron used to assemble iPhone 6s, iPhone SE and iPhone 7 in Bengaluru. There was expansion in the manufacturing of iPhone 6, iPhone SE and iPhone 7 in April 2019. Apple has stated that this will expand the long-term commitment of production in India.  As iPhone XS is ready to be assembled by Foxconn in Chennai, this will cut the import taxes to the country. This will result in a feasible environment to sell the products at cheaper price than usual.  iPhone XR used to cost INR 77,000 but now it’s being sold at INR 50,000.

iphones in nepal

The assembling of the devices will cost a lot less if it’s manufactured and assembled in India. Hopefully, this will also a positive impact in the Nepali market-making iPhone variant available at a more reasonable price. Let’s see what happens in the coming days.

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