Microsoft Pulls out the Huawei Laptops from its Online Store

Since White House’s recent executive order of barring any US-based technology companies to cooperate, supply and work with Huawei, many companies like Google, ARM, and Intel have already put that decision into work. And in that long line of companies breaking ties with Huawei, Microsoft is the latest one.

Huawei phones had already been in trouble to business in the US market, now Huawei laptops are next line as Microsoft online store pulled out the Huawei laptops’ listings. It can be confirmed because on searching for Huawei-related keyword, brings up no search results at the Microsoft Store. As per The Verge report, Microsoft’s offline stores will keep selling out what’s remaining of MateBook’s stocks but won’t be adding or receiving any additional units!

Amidst all the accusations and no hard-proof evidence from US Government against Huawei, Huawei stills pleads its innocence and shares they would be happy to work with Google and Microsoft ecosystems. However, Huawei claims they have their own OS replacements almost ready for both the Android and the Windows.

Also, Microsoft hasn’t spoken about whether they will continue to supply Windows updates to Windows 10 running Huawei laptops. Though there has been 90-day extension announced to allow the updates pushed to Android-powered devices.

According to Bloomberg’s article, in the wake of the ban, Huawei has been stockpiling the components to make its production last for the next three months.

The trade ban for Huawei has been announced because of the probable data-stealing from T-Mobile. The US previously banned trading with ZTE too for violating sanctions on North Korea and Iran, which they lifted after three months. But this ban had a hard impact on ZTE’s growth and reputation.