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PrinCube is a pocket-size handheld color printer that prints on any surfaces

PrinCube, Handheld Mobile Colorful Printer

If you are looking to replace your big, old and bulky printer with a smallest-printer-ever that fits in your palm or pocket, you won’t have to wait for it anymore. Because PrinCube, by TheGod Things, offers just what you need. PrinCube is a printing device that is completely handheld, ultra-lightweight and portable. It can print on any object with just a click of a button and not just in B/W but color print too.

Highlights of PrinCube

  • Can fit in a pocket and has a handheld design
  • Ultra-lightweight: 110g (without cartridge)
  • Small cubic in size: 72x51x68 mm
  • Optical Sensor for Motion Detection
  • 900mAh of battery which gives 6 hours of juice
  • Can color print on any kind of surface
  • Smart connectivity

Design & Build

PrinCube is in cubic shape and is pocket-size small fitting in a palm. It has a dimension of 72x51x68 mm and weighs 110g without cartridge. It comes only in white color with Optical Sensor integrated for Motion Detection. For quick refill, a transparent lid that can open and close at the front which acts as a door to the inner cartridge to insert and remove.

The outer part of the body is built from plastic and at the back, there’s a USB Type-C port for charging. The design of PrinCube is really interesting and the build feels pretty solid at first glance. The way it fits in palm while using it is pretty amazingly satisfying. The overall design of the PrinCube is contemporary which makes the printer light, small, portable, ergonomic, stylish and solid.

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Battery & Connectivity

The battery of PrinCube is of 900mAh and provides almost 6 hours of juice for printing continuously and supports charging via USB Type-C. Since it lacks any kind of fast-charging tech, it takes about 2 hours to fully charge.

PrinCube embraces Wi-Fi and USB Network for connectivity but no Bluetooth. The phone or device should be running on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS or Linux to pair. PrinCube also sports an Optical sensor that acts as a Motion detector and helps it to print.

How does PrinCube really prints and what about a refill?  

PrinCube works over Wi-Fi and with the help of uploaded text, image or design from your phone or device, the PrinCube can instantly print on any surface in a touch of a button. The device works on both Android and iOS as well as PC running Windows or Mac OS. You just will have to connect the printer and phone via Wi-Fi, scan the QR code on the bottom of the printer to access the dashboard, upload a pattern, design, text or image in the PrinCube App which can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store and press the button on the printer to start printing. It’s that easy to print.


Not just only paper but PrinCube can print on almost any object’s surface. PrinCube can print on harsh surfaces to glossy surfaces. PrinCube can print on paper, cardboard, leather, metal, plastic, textured, wood and even on walls and human skin. Not just on flat surfaces but it also prints on curved, round and unusual shape objects also. It can also print on human skin which gives a tattoo look and is completely safe. PrinCube can print in both B/W and Colors.

To refill, you will just have to open the lid at the front, take out the old cartridge and insert a new one to get away with printing. There are two types of cartridge available for PriCube which are Standard Ink Cartridge and Permanent Ink Cartridge. Standard Ink Cartridge comes with color ink that can get washed away easily with water when printed on clothes and skin whereas the other one, Permanent Ink Cartridge comes with a solvent Ink which is hard to get washed away and give a long-lasting print in clothes, skin and on with every material printed on. It can only wash away easily with organic solvents such as alcohol. PrinCube can print over 415 pages of A4 paper on a single cartridge.

PrinCube color printer prints on any surfaces

PrinCube Price and Availability

The project on Indiegogo has raised over USD $3.53 million and entered its production stage with its 1st batch shipping this next week. So, should this excite you, a pledge of $109 will get you one. Because if not now, the PrinCube will retail for $199 once all the stocks are sold on Indiegogo.

And as for refilling, the Standard Ink Cartridge costs $29 and for the Permanent Ink Cartridge, it costs $39.

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