WRC Technical Festival “Vector: Direct Your Vision” is happening on July 19-21

Vector: Direct Your Vision, the national-level technical festival is a huge event being organized by the Free Student Union (FSU), Paschimanchal Campus (WRC). The festival runs for three days; July 19-21 (Shrawan 3-5) on Paschimanchal Campus territory!

The event, as a whole, focuses on the application of the theoretical knowledge to create something entirely innovative-yet-simple. With more than 70 stalls, the exhibition is expected to see whopping 50,000 visitors throughout the festival period.

VECTOR – Direct Your Vision has various Major Events such as;

  • Project Demonstration and
  • Competition on 6 different themes

The themes for the competition emphases on

  • Smart City
  • Clean Energy
  • Health and Education
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism, and
  • Open Theme

Technical Festival Vector Direct Your Vision Happening on July 18-20

Supported by:

  • Paschimanchal Campus, 
  • CoTS (Club of Technical Students), 
  • Robotics Club, 
  • iCES (Innovative Computer Engineering Students Society), 
  • CESS (Civil Engineering Students Society), 
  • SIMES (Society of Mechanical Engineering Students), 
  • E-GEN, 
  • GESAN (Geomatics Engineering Students Association of Nepal)


And, there happen to have a special +2 level competition to motivate +2 level students and build innovative and creative projects through the use of Technology towards the development of society on “Open Theme”.

The festival is expected to welcome the participants especially from Kathmandu and Pokhara; from 40+ Engineering Colleges, IT Colleges and +2 Colleges!

Fooding Games, Photography Tournament, Counter-Strike Tournament, FIFA 18, and Mini Militia Tournament are the fun events to entertain the visitors and the participants!

With the support from the seven respective college-faculty clubs, and New Technical Water Proofing Service & Rehabilitation, this is the first ever technical festival happening on Paschimanchal Campus in this scale by FSU.



Details about the technical festival:

  • Venue: Institute Of Engineering, Paschimanchal Campus, Pokhara
  • Estimated visitors and participants: 50K
  • Estimated Budget: NPR 220K
  • Estimated Number of Institutions’ Participation: 50
  • Number of Stalls: 70
  • Organizer: Free Student Union (FSU)
  • Event Co-ordinator: Kiran Tiwari


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