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Accurate, a new phone accessories brand, launches in Nepal delivering high-quality products at “accurate” pricing

Accurate Price in Nepal

If we were to ask you to name the smartphone brands in Nepal, you would probably name at least five. But how many genuine smartphone accessories brands are there in Nepal? None, you would say! Well, meet Accurate.

The Nepali market isn’t short of phone accessories, but it lacks the genuine products. Most of the offline and online shops sell knockoffs or cheap-quality accessories. And which is why, launched on 29th November, a new brand called Accurate is here to change the smartphone accessories scenario in Nepal.

Accurate brand has four different accessories as of now (and planning to launch more); powerbanks, fast chargers, data cables, and earphones, all available for an affordable price. The powerbanks come in two sizes 10000mAh and 20000mAh, with a year of warranty, over-charge protection, Type-C support, and capable of charging a wide range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, media players.

Speaking of the fast chargers, they are available for both Android and Apple smartphones, comes with a 6-month warranty, support for microUSB or Type-C and Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 depending upon the variant you select. The data cables sold separately function as charging and data transferring cable, except it doesn’t come with a charging brick.

And among the earphones and speakers, Accurate has five variants of earphones; one Bluetooth wireless neckband headphone and four 3.5mm wired earphones, and one high bass Bluetooth speaker available in Red, Black and Gold color variants. All of the variants are secured with a 6-month warranty.

Accurate Products: Pricing and Availability

Accurate products come at a very reasonable price, or, as we would like to call “Accurate” pricing. The brand has four different powerbanks, among which the cheapest one, Accurate X11 10000mAh costs Rs. 1499 and the best one, Accurate I8 & L10 cost Rs. 1999.

Similarly, the price for the fast charger ranges from Rs. 250 to Rs. 899 and the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 certified, Accurate AC-04 model, comes at a competitive price of Rs. 799. Apart from the fast charger set, the brand does sell separate data cables capable of fast charging plus data transfer, price starting for as low as Rs. 299 and goes up to Rs. 349.

And for the earphones and speakers, Accurate has one of the nicest-looking wireless neckband headphones selling for Rs. 2000 and high bass Bluetooth speaker for Rs. 2,999. The most affordable earphone is sold for Rs. 199, it unbelievably features decent noise-canceling.

Accurate products will be sold via both online and offline channels. For online, Accurate has a verified Daraz Mall store in Daraz Nepal. Not to mention, be it Rs. 199 earphones or Rs. 2000 powerbank, all the Accurate products are covered with at least a 6-month (to 1-year) warranty.

Accurate Products Price Overview

Accurate Products Price in Nepal
I8 10000mAh Powerbank Rs. 1999
L10 10000mAh Powerbank Rs. 1999
X20 20000mAh Powerbank Rs. 2999
X11 10000mAh Powerbank Rs. 1499
AC-01 Apple Fast Charger Rs. 899
AC-02 Micro-USB Fast Charger 2.4 Rs. 599
AC-03 Micro-USB Fast Charger 2.0 Rs. 399
AC-04 Type-C Fast Charger 3.0 Rs. 799
AC-04 Micro-USB Fast Charger 3.0 Rs. 799
AC-05 Micro-USB Fast Charger 3.0 Rs. 799
AC-05 Type-C Fast Charger 3.0 Rs. 799
AC-06 2USB Fast Charger Rs. 350
AC-07 2-in-1 USB Charger Rs. 250
AK-1 Data Cable Micro-USB Rs. 299
AK-1 Data Cable Type-C Rs. 324
AK-1 Data Cable iOS Rs. 349
AK-1 Data Cable Micro-USB Rs. 299
AK-1 Data Cable Type-C Rs. 324
AK-1 Data Cable iOS Rs. 349
AL-36 Bluetooth Neck Band Headphone Rs. 2000
AE-02 YS Earphone Rs. 299
AE-04 Earphone Rs. 199
AE-05 Earpods Rs. 550
AE-01 Earphone Rs. 325
AE-03 Earphone Rs. 375
High Bass Bluetooth Speaker Rs. 2,999


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