Nowadays many people are buying Oppo phones because of the cool mid-range variants that Oppo offers. Oppo has earned some loyal customers and supporting followers for years now, maybe this is the reason why the company has been targeting on making really good phones in a mid-range price segment. The company always used to target the camera as a priority for upgrades but now they have decided to update the software with new features to improve their overall smartphone performance. Realme sub-brand of Oppo is also working on making in its own software which acts like a skin called Realme UI and runs on devices based on ColorOS atop of Android 10. The new upgrade from ColorOS 6.1 to ColorOS 7 feels really good and has some really interesting new features added to it.

New features

  • New UI/UX
  • Native Dark Mode
  • Prevent Personal Data Leakage
  • Focus Mode
  • New Camera Features
  • Soloop video editor
  • Gaming Optimization
  • Extra features

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ColorOS 7 brings a lot of changes from previous ColorOS 6.1. It follows the same philosophy but has changed in icons, designs and offers a cleaner and user-friendly interface. Icons are refined and more minimalistic but still have the option to change their shape, size, and style.  The icon tiles in the notification panel is also smaller and more reachable than ColorOS 6.1. The settings page also has been changed and now has a clearer design with good fonts and good slide icons with green accent colors.

coloros 7

The animations while changing pages and going into other settings sections feel really satisfying and Oppo has also added a ringtone sounds and a weather-based alarm sound. It also has Dynamic Wallpaper with changes it’s light according to day time which feels really cool.

Native Dark Mode

We are about to enter 2020 and without Dark Mode, the whole update would have been felt empty. Dark Mode’s popularity is on its peak right now and every smartphone company is adding Native Dark Mode right now so did Oppo. Adding System-wide Dark Mode was a good move from the company and this update would bring joy to most of its consumers. The Dark Mode on ColorOS 7 feels really pretty and clean.

coloros 7

The beauty has further added by the neon and green accent colors which really looks good while Dark Wide mode enabled. Dark Mode for third-party apps also forces third party apps and paints dark themes over them making them dark. You can choose which apps you want to paint a dark theme on which comes pretty handy in use.

Prevent Personal Data Leakage

Once the “Prevent Personal Data Leakage” option is enabled from Privacy settings what it really does is that it wipes out and deletes all the personal data and makes third party apps not to keep it and keeps it safe. If your app is hacked in the future then you won’t have to worry because all of your personal data stays safe and all you sent was empty information. Sounds really interesting right.

Focus Mode

The new Focus Mode is alike what OnePlus has added in its phone which they call Zen Mode. Focus Mode works just like Zen Mode but does not completely lock you out from the phone. In enabling, the Focus Mode keeps you away from distractions and you can choose a timer and listen to cool soothing ambient sounds to keep you calm and relax. Unlike Zen Mode, you can exit Focus Mode at any time and go through all you want.

New Camera features

 Oppo has added, “AI beautification Mode 2.0” which means you have more tools, more options, and more everything to snap really beautiful portrait shots and selfie shots. The noise cancellation algorithm has been improved which makes Low Light photography much better and also improves the performance of Night Mode and takes much better photos. The company is also planning to bring 4K video recording to other Oppo and Realme devices which currently don’t have that option. The plan sounds really interesting because 4K video recording is really popular right now.

Soloop Video Editor

Soloop video editor comes along with ColorOS 7 update and is a video editor app that has been integrated into the software which lets you edit and make really short videos and share it on social media asap. The app is really simple to use and let’s create a video without much effort.

coloros 7

All you have to do is hit the create button and choose videos and photos you want to use and its done, boom. It intelligently cuts long videos, adds transactions and let’s add text and stickers. This app lets you test your creativity and make awesome short videos.

Gaming Optimization

Game Assistant and Game Space both are already present in ColorOS 6.1 but in ColorOS 7 it comes with refreshment. Game Space has only changed its background and added startup animation which feels really cool. The game assistant works as an information Centre and is only a swipe away. To see the information, all you have to do is swipe down from top and then there is it. It looks as if it is dedicated to all the pro gamers out there and consists of information on CPU and GPU, shortcuts to block/unblock messages, notification, record gameplay and a lot more which enhances the experience while gaming.

Extra features

Not just these features but Oppo has also added some more features like DocVault which lets you store your digital documents and IDs and keeps it safe from getting leaked. Smart Assistant has also been added which you can access by swiping right on the screen where you can have options like silencing and blocking calls/messages while driving. You also have a Music Party to play the same song across all Oppo phones during parties. You can put you three fingers and do a little press and hold then you can choose which area to screenshot and save which is really convenient.

Does it have any weaknesses?

coloros 7

ColorOS 7 surely has a weakness which will be disliked by every consumer. The weakness is the large number of pre-installed apps known as Bloatware that comes with ColorOS 7. The apps feel annoying, take space and sits among other important apps on the home screen. If the company would have made a folder and kept it all in it then it would have been much better. However, the ColorOS 7 is based on the Android 10 trial version plan which has already started in November 2017 and is currently only available for selective phones and the support will for more phones will be added as time passes by.

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