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Win Rs 10 lakh on Ncell New Offer ‘Recharge ma Chamatkar’

ncell recharge ma chamatkar offer

Ncell is here with the new exciting offer ‘Recharge ma Chamatkar’ where you can win Rs 2 lakh every week and Rs 10 lakh every month. This is indeed a great initiative from Ncell to give back to the people. All you have to do is recharge with Rs 100 and you will get a code.
5 users will get a chance to win Rs 2 lakh every week. Only 1 user gets to win Rs 10 lakh every month. Ncell “Recharge ma Chamatkar” result will be announced in a LIVE show broadcasted from AP1 TV every Monday at 6:30 P.M. Read all the details below to discover how to be eligible for Ncell ‘Recharge ma Chamatkar’ offer and win up to Rs 10 lakhs every month.

ncell recharge ma chamatkar offer 2 lakh and 10 lakh prize

Ncell ‘Recharge ma Chamatkar’: How to get your code?

With the recharge of every Rs 100, you will receive a code. You will receive your code instantly after the recharge.

  • To check all your received codes of the current week: Dial *17107#
  • To know all the code you received till date: Type CODE and send to 17107

Are there any limitations on code?

You will get one code for every recharge of Rs 100. For example, if you do a recharge of Rs 1000 in a week, you will receive 10 codes. Recharge can be made through mediums like Recharge Card, VFT and Online Payment. But one thing to consider that balance received or recharge made through Ncell Saapati and Balance Transfer will be not be counted as a recharge to get code number.
So, there are no limitations on how many codes you can receive, you can do as many recharge and receive codes as many you desire.

Do you need to have a SIM card registered under your name?

Absolutely, the number has to be registered under your name. You can transfer the ownership of the number to your name by following the re-verification process.

Ncell ‘Recharge ma Chamatkar’ Prize Money and Winner Result

5 Lucky users will get Rs 2 lakh every month and only one user will receive Rs 10 lakh every month. The winner will be announced the LIVE show broadcasted from AP1 TV every Monday at 6:30 P.M. Winners will also be contacted by the Ncell officials for further process. You can also check the winner’s list by visiting Ncell’s official website.

When do you have to recharge to be eligible for the prize?

The session starts every Sunday and ends on Saturday. That means every recharge done within this time period will be valid for winning Rs 2 lakh. The codes received from week 1 to week 4 will be valid for winning Rs 10 lakh prize money. Similarly, codes received every four weeks (Week 1-4, Week 5-8, Week 9-12) will receive Rs 10 lakhs.

Rs 2 Lakh “Recharge Ma Chamatkar” Winners List

Here is the list of Winners winning Rs 2 Lakh on a weekly basis.

Winning code of Week 1:

  • R_W1-002677471
  • R_W1-007426181
  • R_W1-000002460
  • R_W1-002730357
  • R_W1-003175456

Winning code of Week 2:

  • R_W2-000446281
  • R_W2-003811868
  • R_W2-000088707
  • R_W2-000263431
  • R_W2-003910941

Winning code of Week 3:

  • R_W3-002058577
  • R_W3-005917188
  • R_W3-002012492
  • R_W3-004856736
  • R_W3-006848817

Winning code of Week 4:

  • R_W4-005362625
  • R_W4-000531279
  • R_W4-004286410
  • R_W4-000797679
  • R_W4-006438501

Winning code of Week 5:

  • R_W5-001954533
  • R_W5-005743733
  • R_W5-000655302
  • R_W5-005215739
  • R_W5-000316384

Winning code of Week 6:

  • R_W6-002458274
  • R_W6-001924867
  • R_W6-004590115
  • R_W6-000153728
  • R_W6-004760189

Winning code of Week 7:

  • R_W7_003572624
  • R_W7_000296976
  • R_W7_004458075
  • R_W7_005800841
  • R_W7_004418219

Winning code of Week 8:

  • R_W8_001629572
  • R_W8_005641938
  • R_W8_007213875
  • R_W8_000953643
  • R_W8_004772892

Winning code of Week 9:

  • R_W9-007012265
  • R_W9-000481189
  • R_W9-002369042
  • R_W9-003603245
  • R_W9-008598048

Winning code of Week 10: 

  • R_W10-001317044
  • R_W10-005177204
  • R_W10-007774348
  • R_W10-000661047
  • R_W10-000981464

Winning code of Week 11:

  • R_W11-003294445
  • R_W11-002128794
  • R_W11-003800972
  • R_W11-004079239
  • R_W11-000818964

Winning Code of Week 12:

  • R_W12-000665859
  • R_W12-005645879
  • R_W12-005735524
  • R_W12-003250117
  • R_W12-003094221

Rs 10 Lakh “Recharge Ma Chamatkar” Winners List

10 lakh winning code of Month 1: Here is the winner of Rs 10 Lakh for the first month (Week 1-4).

  • R_W2-003829960

10 lakh winning code of Month 2: Here is the winner of Rs 10 Lakh for the second month (Week 5-8).

  • R_W6-002418529
10 lakh winning code of Month 3: Here is the winner of Rs 10 Lakh for the first month (Week 9-12).
  •  R_W11-003340069

NOTE: The codes received from the week 1-4, the week 5-8, the week 9-12 are eligible for winning Rs 10 lakh. So make sure you keep code safe even if you didn’t win Rs 2 Lakh weekly prize, you may win Rs 10 Lakh.

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