• A new AI software that tracks the sharing of the password
  • Casual credentials sharing is becoming too expensive to ignore for Netflix
  • Sooner or later to implement this ban in a user-friendly manner


Watching different TV series, movies on Netflix is delightful. Even if you did not have a Netflix account, your friends could share an account with you and you could take the feel. But wait, that’s not the case anymore. Netflix is planning to change the password sharing criteria. This could result in your account getting blocked.


In the recent meeting, Chief Product Officer Greg Peters delivered the news regarding the Netflix account sharing. According to him, “Netflix is planning to clamp down on password sharing without ‘alienating a certain portion of its user base.” British firm Synamedia has showcased a new software at CES 2019 that will use AI to track down the shared password. If the AI tracked down the sharing of the password that is in quite a doubtful manner for example, if the password has been shared to unrelated people with different content preference and uncommon geographical region then you’re accounted will be banned. But if you are sharing with your family members on a regular basis, then Netflix may just send you mail suggesting an upgrade for a premium account.


According to Greg Peters, they will be not taking any immediate action. They are still studying the sharing pattern. But sooner or later, this will be implemented in a user-friendly manner.

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