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Apple Watch Series 5: Everything You Should Know

Apple Watch Series 5 Price in Nepal

Finally, Apple has unveiled the latest iteration to its wearable category — Apple Watch Series 5 — at Apple Event in their Cupertino headquarter alongside iPhone 11 series (iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max). The Series 5 shares the same DNA from its predecessor, the Series 4. However, there are some noteworthy improvements and upgrades such as always-on display and compass.

But is it worth the upgrade from the Apple Watch Series 4? Well, take a peek at these features and be a judge of it yourself.

Display: Always-On Retina Display

Apple Watch Series 5 sports almost identical display specs and sizing, except for there is one new feature Apple proudly showed off on Sep 10 Apple Event — Always-On Display. But as Apple can’t withstand giving their own version of naming to the features, they are calling it Always-On Retina Display.

Apple Watch Series 5 Price in Nepal

Previous versions of Apple Watch required to lift the wrist or tap the display to peek timing, however, with the new Apple Watch Series 5, you don’t have to now. The Always-On Retina Display will keep the screen turned on displaying the time and vitals all the time. But this feature to go easy on the battery and save the juice, when you are not looking directly at the screen, the display will dim itself. And thanks to new LTPO display-tech, the display can dynamically switch refresh rate between 1Hz to 60Hz, depending upon your activity.

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Design: 100 Percent Recycled Aluminum

Design-wise, Apple Watch Series 5 sees some new changes and improvements over the last Apple Watch Series 4. The display is now little more bezel-less, extending edge to edge, chiseled rounded corners and some nice touches. But the overall looks very Series 4, after all, that’s Apple for you.


Apple was more than happy to announce that the aluminum models are manufactured with 100 percent recycled aluminum. On the note, there are two new material variants; Titanium and Ceramic, if that’s you are looking for.

Apple Watch Series 5: Specs and Software

Because of rumors, we were expecting the Series 5 to be powered by Apple S5 processor, but at the launch, there was no mention on the processor. Which hints it will be equipped with the last year’s S4 chipset.  Likewise, there was no talk on the storage options, so, the Series 5 will again come with 16GB storage onboard.

The Apple Series 5 will be shipped with new WatchOS 6 pre-installed. With the watchOS 6, the Apple Watch is getting its own App Store, so you won’t have to go through iPhone to download apps for your watch.

Though the always-on display mode, the Series 5 will have same 18-hours all-day battery life like on the Series 4 because of new LTPO display-tech.

Compass and Navigation

The new Series 5 has now in-built compass feature to guide you. The compass can either be used as part of the watch face, showing the direction at a glance or as a compass app to display the information such as latitude, longitude, current elevation, and incline.

This compass feature comes along with the updated Maps app, and you will able to navigate the directions without the iPhone.

Safety and International Emergency Calling

The Series 5 has safety features built right in such as the fall detection, emergency SOS and Medical ID. The most impressive one is the emergency SOS (available on the cellular model only), with it you can make international emergency calling no matter in which country are you in, as it supports over 150 countries around the world. And this has been made easier because you can call just by pressing and holding the side button on the watch without the need of the iPhone.

Notably, the international emergency calling will come in hand with fall detection. If you ever take a hard fall and go unconscious or unable to move for a minute, the watch will automatically make an emergency call. However, to use this you will have to enable the feature first.

Some Other New Features

Some of these above-mentioned new features are not so exclusive on the Series 5, as they come as part of the new WatchOS 6. Meaning all the other models see these features too.

Out of those are new Cycle Tracking and a Noise app. The Apple watch running on WatchOS 6 will track and measure sound levels in your surrounding environment and analyze how this impacts your long-term hearing. And the Cycle Tracking app will help the women users to track and keep a record of the menstrual cycles.

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Apple Watch Series 5 Price in Nepal and Availability

The Apple Watch Series 5 is available for pre-order in the US and goes on sale starting on September 20. The pricing for the Series 5 starts at $399 for the regular aluminum GPS model and $499 for aluminum. Also, should you opt for more premium material, the Titanium model starts at $800 and the Ceramic model starts at $1300.

There are no words when the Series 5 will make into the Nepali market, but this should be here by end of the October along with iPhone 11 series. Analyzing the Apple Watch Series 4 price, the Apple Watch Series 5 price in Nepal should be Rs. 68000 for GPS model and Rs. 80,000 for Cellular model.

Apple Watch Series 5 Price in Nepal: Rs. 68,000 (GPS) [Expected]
Apple Watch Series 5 Price in Nepal: Rs. 80000 (GPS + Cellular) [Expected]

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