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Brave adds encrypted video calling feature right into the browser

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Following the outbreak of COVID-19, the stay-at-home has got all of us quarantined in our homes. This pandemic has affected everything. However, it has created opportunities for numerous platforms. To ease up the isolation, different platforms offered their premium at no cost. One of the major platforms that got hyped during this period is the Video Conferencing tool. Tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Google Duo, Discord user-base skyrocketed. Following this Brave Browser, the privacy-centric cryptocurrency-powered web browser has launched an in-browser end-to-end encryption video call feature, Brave Together.

Brave Together In-browser End-to-end Encryption Video Call Feature

brave together in-browser video calling service

Co-founded by Javascript creator and former Mozilla CEO Brendan EICH, the Brave browser is one widely used web browsers. This web browser gained the user base due to reliability and fast performance. With the video conferencing tools are bombarded with the users, the Brave browser is here with an in-browser video call feature. This service is end-to-end encrypted unlike other dominant tools like Zoom and Google Meet.

Brave together is based on the open-source encrypted video software ‘Jitsi’. As of now, it supports only two participants at a time. But you can make unlimited encrypted calls. Any brave users can access this feature. Plus you do not need an account or sign-ups to do so. As per the officials, Brave is currently working on a service that allows more than two participants. Currently, it is on-test with the development version of the browser, Brave Nightly.

Brave Together supports screen sharing where one can share their entire screen or just share an application windows/ Brave tab. You can also share videos by adding links, add an email address, and many more. Here’s the most outstanding feature of this service, it will not log any of the user’s activity.

How to use Brave Together?

  • To use the Brave Together, you need to have a brave browser. Click here to download.
  • Open the browser and head towards the official Brave Together page or click here.
  • On opening the page simply click on ‘Start Video Call’.

Simple as that. Enjoy Brave Together.

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