khalti and LBEF

Khalti is a company that was started on January 27 and provides mobile payment solution in Nepal. The service Khalti provides has already reached 70 districts and is furthermore trying to cover the other 7 districts. Whereas, Lord Buddha Education Foundation LBEF is the first IT College and the first to launch IT courses in Nepal. LBEF is a well renounced and well-established foundation. LBEF is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that is situated at Maitidevi, Kathmandu.

A strategic partnership agreement has been signed by Khalti and LBEF which states that it will now provide internships and job placement opportunities to E-business and IT students. The agreement was signed by the Managing Director of Khalti, Manish Modi and Chairman of LBEF Pankaj Jalan at a special ceremony in Kathmandu.

khalti and LBEF

According to the agreement, LBEF final year students and fresh graduates can apply for an internship at Khalti Digital Wallet and end up being recruited as a full-time worker. LBEF will also provide special scholarship to employees of Khalti those who wish to join a Master education program.

As a positive plus point, Khalti will also offer a flexible work time schedule to the full-time workers and interns so that they won’t have to miss their running education course classes. Khalti will also give leaves to full-time workers and interns during their exams or any other important project preparing tasks for project demonstration. These all leaves will be given only after in consultation with the college.

This collaboration between Khalti and LBEF is beneficial for both parties and also can support in development of the IT industry of Nepal. This industry-academia partnership will prove fruitful to many students of LBEF as well as to Khalti’s employees. We hope we would see other companies taking the same steps as Khalti and LBEF in the future to provide students and job seekers with a better environment and opportunities.

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