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Ncell is here with annual short film competition with 1,00,000 prize for the winner


Ncell, as one of the top Telecom Service providers in Nepal, continues to provide its services to the general public. Varying from time to time, this organization is giving the users different offers and combo packs including voice offers, data packs, and SMS services. This time around Ncell is here with the annual short film competition, “#Unpause – badcha zindagi jaba agadi chalcha zindagi”. Winners will be awarded huge cash prize plus data packs as well.

#Unpause – badcha zindagi jaba agadi chalcha zindagi

ncell annual short film competition

This is the annual competition organized by Ncell. It is open to all the participants residing in Nepal. All you have to do is make a short film of up to 600 seconds. The main theme of the video should be on coping up with the ongoing pandemic and moving ahead. This covid pandemic has flooded away and the number of cases is increasing day by day. For the safety of one, another one must keep a safe distance, use a face mask, and hand sanitizer.

Guidelines and Eligibility criteria:

  1. This competition is open to all participants residing in Nepal.
  2. The video should not be longer than 600 seconds (10 minutes).
  3. The voice-over (if you do) must be in Nepali.
  4. One can make use of any camera you prefer but the visual and voice must be clear.
  5. You can submit only one video.

By December 11, 2020 participants must submit the video. This should include the name of the producer, contact number, and email address. The Participant should submit the video via WeTransfer or Dropbox link. If required, Ncell may ask the participant to transfer the original or larger file.
NOTE: You can fill-up the form here.

Winner Declaration and Prize

For the selection of the winner, there will be a special panel of judges, a visionary Entrepreneur & Movie Producer – Mr. Nakim Uddin, popular Presenter & Director – Mr. Asif Shah, and inspirational storyteller & Journalist – Ms. Bidhya Chapagain.

There will be ten videos short-listed by the officials and they will be awarded a following,

Placing Cash Prize Data Packs Apprenticeship
1st Rs 1,00,000 10GB data for 12 months for a maximum of 3 crew members Shooting experience with a renowned director
2nd Rs 75,000
3rd Rs 50,000
4th Rs 25,000
5th Rs 25,000
6th – 10th 10GB data for 12 months for the leader

According to the Ncell officials, “All videos will be judged based on the creativity, simplicity, and clarity of the subject matter, originality, presentation, audio & video quality, and adherence to the main theme by presiding panel judges. Selection of winners will be solely based on the decision of the panel of judges.”

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