NTA Ncell and Nepal Telecom are giving users bonus offers and more services for COVID-19 Nepal lockdown

The two top Nepal Telecom Service providers Ncell and Nepal Telecom (NTC) have moved forward to help the people and ease up the situation at least a little bit for the people. Both of these companies are offering bonus recharge and data offers during this lockdown. The novel Coronavirus has disrupt the lifestyle and affected world economic condition. In the context of Nepal that lockdown has just started. In this panic situation staying connected with your family members and loved ones is the best thing one can do. Following this situation as per the request of Nepal Telecom Authority both Ncell and Nepal Telecom has stepped up to give a bonus offer on recharge and data services.

Nepal Telecom (NTC)

Nepal Telecom 100% Bonus on Recharge

Nepal Telecom (NTC) is giving a 100% bonus on recharge to the users within the NTC network. All the recharge made above Rs 10 will be credited with the same amount as a bonus. This service is effective from March 26, 2020 (Chaitra). The recharge in GSM, CDMA prepaid and postpaid services can be done through recharge card or MPOS (online), Mobile Banking.

nepal telecom online payment

The validity of the bonus differs from the method of recharge. We have listed detail information on Recharge through recharge card and MPOS/ Digital Service.

Bonus Validity on Recharge card

Recharge Amount Bonus Validity
Rs 50/ Rs 100 100% 2 days
Rs 200/ Rs 500 4 days
Rs 1000 6 days

During the process of recharge through the recharge card if you messed up the PIN number please don’t stress about it. You can easily recover those number using recovery portal. For more information please read, How to recover NTC recharge PIN numbers?

Bonus Validity on MPoS/ Digital Service Recharge

You can recharge your account through Khalti, e-Sewa or any your respective mobile banking service. After the recharge, you will receive a text message about the bonus.

Recharge Amount Bonus Validity
Rs 10 to Rs 99 100% 2 days
Rs 50/ Rs 100 4 days
Rs 200/ Rs 500 8 days
Rs 1000 10 days

NOTE: Inclusive of Taxes. Thus the bonus amount may vary.

Here for our readers, we have recharged NTC with Rs 100 iva MPoS and we have a bonus of Rs 100 and here’s the proof.

nepal telecom ncell bonus recharge offer coronavirus covid-19 lockdown

How to use NTC Bonus amount?

The bonus amount can be utilized for data, voice calls, and SMS services within the NTC network. However, you cannot transfer the bonus amount to other NTC users. If you think of purchasing the data pack, the respective amount will be deducted from your main balance.

Important Notice from Nepal Telecom

nepal telecom notice covid-19 ntc

  • Those using NTC Internet services (ADSL, FTTH), the deadline for the payment is prolonged. For this lockdown time period, you can use the services without any payment even after the deadline is crossed.
  • Plus users will not fine for the late payment of Landline services.

Ncell 120% Bonus on Recharge, Home Stay Data Pack & Sapati Offer

As NTC is giving 100% Bonus, Ncell is facilitating users with even a better offer, 120% recharge bonus and Home Stay data pack offer. The Home Stay data pack offer is something everyone should have a look at. Not to forget that Ncell has also given Nepal Government Rs 10 crore for the prevention of COVID-19 infection in Nepal. Huge thumbs up to Ncell for that. This is a great initiative from one of the leading Nepal Telecom Service provider.

Ncell 120%Bonus on Recharge

ncell 120% bonus recharge coronavirus nepal

Ncell will be giving its users a 120% bonus on recharge of Rs 50 and above. Similar to the NTC bonus, this bonus can be utilized for calls, data and SMS services within the Ncell network only. You can do recharge via recharge card or through digital payment like Khatli, e-Sewa, IME Pay, Mobile Banking.

Let’s say you recharge your account with Rs 100. You will be credited with a bonus of Rs 120. The bonus amount will be valid for 3 days. Enjoy the bonus on recharge offer.

Ncell Sapati Offer

ncell sapati loan offer service covid-19 nepal

Although this offer already existed but there are some changes that will definitely help you out. During this lockdown time period, most of us are not able to recharge our account. To solve this issue, Ncell has increased the sapati amount up to Rs 200. Previously you could take a loan of Rs 20/ Rs 40 only.

NOTE: This sapati amount depends upon the usage of your SIM card. If you are an active Ncell user who recharges frequently and has no any pending loan then only you will be credited with Rs 200 sapati. But you can still take sapati of Rs 80. Plus Ncell will be charged for this loan/ sapati service although NTA has requested not to do so.

If you want to transfer the amount to your family members on the Ncell network please read, How to transfer amount on the Ncell network?

Ncell Stay Home Pack

ncell stay home data pack offer coronavirus

It could not get any better than surfing the internet during this COVID-19 lockdown. With Ncell Home Stay pack users can get a 15GB data pack with the validity of 7 days.

Data Pack Data Volume Total Amount Validity
Ncell Home Stay Pack 15GB Rs 293.69 7 days (12 midnight-6pm in the evening)

Out of the 15GB data volume, 10GB data can be used on all networks (2G, 3G) and the remaining 5GB is for 4G network.

How to activate Ncell Home Stay Data Pack offer?

To activate simply dial *17123#

Enjoy the Ncell and NTC services. Stay with your family members. Do not go out unless there’s an emergency. Wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, put on mask, eat healthy and stay safe everyone. If you want more information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) Nepal please read,‘Coronavirus Total Cases and New update in Nepal‘. Here we have listed all the details about the Coronavirus situation in Nepal. You can get the information from the listed application as well. Not only of Nepal you can get the global data as well.

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