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Ford, GM and Tesla given a green light for COVID-19’s ventilator production

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COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. With the coronavirus spreading in more than 180 countries and no sign of stopping, the U.S. government has started to take strong measures. As COVID-19 has no vaccines as of yet, patients with severe cases totally rely on ventilators. Corona Virus attacks the lungs of the patient due to which, they are unable to breathe properly.

Ford, General Motors and Tesla has been given a green signal to make ventilators. This has come due to a shortage of ventilators. If the spread of the virus doesn’t get contained,  the American Hospital Association estimates that as many as 960,000 COVID-19 patients will need the equipment. U.S President, Donald Trump tweeted the go-ahead statement to overmentioned auto executives for making the ventilators and challenged to see how good they are.

All three auto manufacturers are looking into the feasibility of producing ventilators. Elon Musk CEO of Tesla on Friday tweeted that the company is “working on ventilators.” The very next day he had a meeting with medical technology company Medtronic. Details of the meeting have not been revealed yet.

On the other hand, General Motors is partnering with the ventilator manufacturer Ventec Life Systems. As for Ford, a spokesperson told, they are in talks with the U.S. and UK Government for producing ventilators and are looking into the feasibility of it.

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