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Alibaba creates AI-powered Diagnosis System to detect Coronavirus

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If you have or had a plan of traveling the world you better cancel it because currently, Coronavirus is traveling the world. Jokes aside the coronavirus outbreak is causing serious complications. COVID-19 virus termed by WHO so far has resulted in confirmed 91,300 cases and more than 3,110 deaths globally. The world-renowned companies like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei are forced to back off of an event or forced to postpone their certain events/ schedule. Mobile World Congress (MWC) cancellation, Goole I/O event cancellation, Apple replacement shortage, Samsung and LG factory shutdown are some of the recent tech issues caused by the COVID-19 virus.

Alibaba AI-powered Diagnosis System

Alibaba’s research institute Damo Academy Coronavirus

The various sources are working their best to get rid of this virus. Following this process, Alibaba’s research institute Damo Academy has developed a new AI-powered diagnosis system to detect the coronavirus. The new AI-powered diagnosis system promises to detect the virus with an accuracy rate of up to 96%. It uses computerized tomography scans. The researchers at Alibaba’s research institute Damo Academy had trained the AI model with sample data from more than 5,000 confirmed cases.

As per the researcher, this system is able to differentiate the patients with coronavirus and other ones with just viral pneumonia. This invention from the Alibaba will be used in more than 100 hospitals. It will be a great relief for the doctors as it will detect the virus within 20 seconds of examination. Previously it would take about 15-20 minutes to analyze a single CT scan and its verification.

Coronavirus is spreading at a great pace. As of now here in Nepal, we have thermal scanners in TIA. We highly suggest everyone to use safety measures. Stick will us as for the update and details about Coronavirus.

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