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NTC Data Pack: Everything you should know


With the increasing number of users getting online, the ISP industry is growing pretty quickly. In Nepal, as per 2019, 20 million —70% of the total population— are connected to the internet and truly, operator networks’ (Nepal Telecom, Ncell, and Smartcell) cheap, affordable and easily available cellular-data services are to be thanked. Right, which is why we have compiled all the data pack available from one of the network operators: Nepal Telecom. Here is complete information on NTC data pack price, validity, type, and data volume.

NTC Data Pack 2020: Type, Data Volume, Price, and Validity

While using the internet without any data pack, the data tariff on NTC is high as NPR 1 per MB. However, with the right data pack selection, the data tariff can drop significantly, even to 3 paise per MB with 1GB Per Day data pack.

NTC offers a wide range of data packs with data volume up to 60GB and validity up to 6 months.

Social Media Pack


NTC Social Media Pack is available for all time use with days of validity according to the data pack subscribed for both the GSM and CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid) customers. However, the data pack can be used on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp social media only. Moreover, the telecom recommends using the official apps for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

To activate the NTC Social Media Pack, dial *1415*2# and choose the data pack accordingly.

Data VolumePrice (Rs. Incl. Tax)ValidityActivation SMS Code
70 MB101 DayFB70MB to 1415
250 MB353 DaysFB250MB to 1415
600 MB657 DaysFB600MB to 1415

Unlimited Night Data Pack

Other than the NTC’s 1-hour unlimited data pack, this pack —Unlimited Night Data Pack— is the most popular data pack accessible for night time only. Though the pack suggests “unlimited”, there’s a catch, users can surf the internet at full speed up to 1 GB per night and after the speed is throttled down to 256 Kbps unlimited.

The unlimited night data pack can be used from 11 PM to 6 AM only and can be subscribed by dialing *1415*3# and choose the data pack accordingly for the GSM customers.

Data VolumePrice (Rs. Incl. Tax)ValidityActivation SMS Code
Daily Unlimited181 NightNUNL to 1415
Weekly Unlimited907 NightsUNL7 to 1415

NTC 4G Data Pack (Double Bonanza Offer)


The NTC 4G Data Pack, as the name suggests, is available to 4G activated NTC SIM, 4G supporting smartphone and 4G available region. The data pack is one of the most popular offers as you get double data volume for a generous amount.

For GSM users, subscribing to the NT 4G Data Pack is easy, dial *1415*5# and select the desired data pack accordingly.

Data VolumePrice (Rs. Incl. Tax)ValidityActivation SMS Code
200 MB x 2251 Day4G400MB to 1415
500 MB x 21007 Days4G1000MB to 1415
1.5 GB x 224028 Days4G3000MB to 1415

1GB Per Day Data Pack

This NTC data pack is an all-time pack valid for GSM and CDMA (Prepaid/Postpaid) service users. And as the name implies, with this data pack, the customers are restricted 1 GB a day. You can activate the 1GB Per Day Data Pack by dialing *1415*6# and go for the suitable data pack accordingly.

Surprisingly, the price per MB drops down to as low as 3 paise with this data pack.

Data VolumePrice (Rs. Incl. Tax)ValidityActivation SMS Code
1GB451 Day1D1G to 1415
7 GB2507 Days7D7G to 1415
28 GB85028 Days28D28G to 1415

1 Hour Unlimited Data Pack

Undoubtedly, the most popular data pack from Nepal Telecom, Unlimited 1 Hour Data Pack is available to buy for just NPR 20. You can take unlimited 1 hour data pack by dialing *1415*8# or sending the FDPACK message to 1415.

Similar to Unlimited Night Data Pack, with this data pack, you can only surf in full speed up to 1GB and later the speed is throttled to 256Kbps for the rest unlimited data volume. There’s a good thing too, with this subscription, you can get unlimited SMS and VOICE pack along the above-mentioned data volume.

Day Data Packs

The Day Data Pack is valid for 24 hours from the time of subscription and available in two data volumes: 80MB and 200MB.

You can activate the data pack by dialing *1415*9# and choose the desired data pack.

Data VolumePrice (Rs. Incl. Tax)ValidityActivation SMS Code
80 MB1024hrsDATA80MB to 1415
200 MB1524hrsDATA200MB to 1415

Spring Offer 2077 / 2020

Nepal Telecom brings seasonal offers in Winter, Summer, Autumn, Monsoon, and currently, it has ongoing Spring Offer 2077, with several data pack options to choose from, including All Time Data Pack and Large Data Pack.

The offer was launched on Baisakh 01, 2077.

All Time Data Pack

With “All Time Data Pack”, both the GSM and CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid) customers can enjoy the internet round the clock. The data pack comes in as low as 60MB data volume and bumps up to 14GB and can be activated by dialing *1415*1# and choose the suitable data pack for GSM users.

Data Volume Price (Rs. Incl. Tax)ValidityActivation SMS Code
60 MB151 DayData60MB to 1415
250 MB251 DayData100MB to 1415
300 MB607 DaysData300MB to 1415
700 MB1007 DayData700MB to 1415
2000 MB26028 DaysData2000MB to 1415
6000 MB50028 DaysData6000MB to 1415
14000 MB70028 DaysData14000MB to 1415

Streaming Data Pack


The data pack isn’t restricted to the specific time period use and is available to both GSM/CDMA (Prepaid and Postpaid) service users. And as the name suggests, this NTC data pack is for streaming purposes only and can be utilized on the official YouTube platform and app, and LIVE TV streaming on WOWTIME App.

To request and take NTC Streaming Data Pack, you’ll have to dial *1415*1#, select “Streaming Data Pack” and choose the data pack accordingly or you can send a message to 1415 as mentioned below in the table.

Data VolumePrice (Rs. Incl. Tax)ValidityActivation SMS Code
300 MB151 DayYT300MB to 1415
650 MB303 DaysYT6500MB to 1415
1400 MB607 DaysYT1400MB to 1415

Big Data Pack (Large Data)

Launched back in Nepal Telecom 16th Anniversary, the NTC Big Data Pack comes in two large data volumes; 30GB and 60GB. This data pack is available for all GSM and CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid) service users.

The GSM users can activate the large data pack, dial *1415*1# and choose the suitable data pack.

Data VolumePrice (Rs. Incl. Tax)ValidityActivation SMS Code
30 GB160090 DaysDATA30GB to 1415
60 GB3000180 DaysDATA60GB to 1415

Stay Connected Offer


Starting Chaitra 20, 2076, in response to ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and lockdown, Nepal Telecom launched a generous data pack offer — Stay Connected Offer. This lockdown offer offers data volume up to 5x and accessible all time unlike Ncell’s similar Stay Home Pack — which can be used from 12 AM to 6 PM.

You can activate Stay Connected Offer by simply dialing *1415*10# and choose the 4GB or 10GB data pack. The 4GB data pack comes with 1GB data usable for all networks and 3GB bonus data volume usable for in 4G network only for NPR 100 and 7-day validity. And the 10GB data pack has 2GB all-network data and 8GB of 4G-network volume only and costs NPR 200 with 7-day validity.

How to buy NTC Data Pack in 2020?

There are a few different methods to buy NTC data packs. You can either take data pack via USSD code, NTC’s web portal or Nepal Telecom mobile app.

Here we will share and discuss all the ways to take NTC data pack. The most common one to activate NTC data pack is via USSD request.

  • Go to your phone dialer.
  • Dial *1415# and press “Call” button.
  • Choose the desired NTC data pack from the list of data packages. For example, if you want to subscribe to NTC 1hr Unlimited Data Pack, type “8”, press Send, and then again, type “1” and press Send to activate it.

How to take NTC Data Pack online via NTC Web Portal?

  • Visit NTC Offer Web Portal
  • Choose the service; GSM or CDMA
  • Choose the server type; Prepaid or Postpaid
  • Choose NTC Data Pack type you want to take and select the respective sub-package type from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the data package
  • Input your mobile number, your PUK number.
  • Enter the captcha
  • And press the Buy Data Pack to complete the buying process online.

How to activate NTC Data Package online via Self Care Portal?

  • Head over to NTC Self Care Portal
  • Register a new account, if you don’t have one, or login.
  • Complete your user profile if you haven’t
  • Visit Dashboard
  • Buy the desired NTC Data Pack accordingly.

How to buy NTC Data Package using Nepal Telecom Mobile App?

Take NTC Data Pack using Nepal Telecom Mobile App

You can buy an NTC data pack using Nepal Telcom mobile app. To do so, you will have to install the Nepal Telecom and register for an account, if you don’t have it. After, login and on the homepage, click “Buy Packs” and choose the desired Package Type, Sub-Package Type and Data Package from the respective drop-down menu.

How to check the remaining volume of NTC Data / Voice Pack in 2020?

Like the NTC data packs, there are multiple ways to check the remaining volume. You can either check either using USSD code, SMS request, online web portal, or via mobile app.

To check via USSD code, you should dial *1415*55# and the remaining volume, validity date will be displayed. However, this USSD request works for GSM service only. For the CDMA service users, follow the below-mentioned methods.

And to check the remaining volume via SMS request, you will have to send a message VL to 1415, and shortly after you should receive a message containing the amount of data / voice minutes left with a validity period.

Or this gets really easier with the Nepali Telecom mobile app, log in to the app and the amount of data / voice left is straight displayed on the app’s homescreen. And lastly, to check the remaining volume online, head over to Data Volume Query page and choose the service type from the drop-down menu, enter your phone number, captcha and hit Query Volume to get a remaining amount displayed right on the same page.

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