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Nepal Telecom launched e-Shikshya Package, a large data pack for online studies


The whole world is fighting with the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic started, education of the whole world has stopped. As the virus affects young and the old with a very high fatality rate, the education system cannot risk the lives of young innocent children. Even though most of us are self-isolating and social distancing, our lives have not stopped. Thanks to the internet and advancement in technology, many of us are able to work from home, and students are able to take classes online. They say learning never stops and the internet has made that possible. But in the context of Nepal, the internet is still a luxury. If we compare today with five years ago, Yes the internet has reached many people and places but still not every individual has access to one.

Nowadays all individuals have a phone. But data packages can be very expensive. Video conferencing for an unknown amount of time with data packages can easily make a hole in your pocket, especially students who depend on parents for monetary help. To avail students facing such problems, Nepal Telecom has recently launched a new data package to keep the education running. NTC launched the new “e-Shikshya Package” for both teachers and students to conduct online classes, without worrying about data cost.

What is the e-Shikshya Package?

NTC eShakshya Student Data Package for Online Studies

e-Shikshya Package is a  highly subsidized Large Data Pack that works in all networks (2G/3G/4G). Students and teachers of any academic institutions all over Nepal are eligible to purchase this data package. Currently, e-Shikshya has two offers available, those are as follows:

  • 6GB Data [3GB + 3GB]: This package is available at NPR. 260 in which 3GB out of the 6GB data is available at all times while the remaining 3GB is available at a specific time from 5 AM – 10 AM.
  • 15 Data [9GB + 6GB]: This package is available at NPR. 500 in which 9GB out of the 15GB data is available at all times while the remaining 6GB is available at a specific time from 5 AM – 10 AM

The price of both the offers are inclusive of all the taxes and the data pack will be valid for 28 days since the time of purchase.

How to subscribe to the eShikshya Package?

An official letter by the school, college or university, containing the list of students and academic staff which should include the name and mobile number should be sent to NTC asks to use official institution official email for correspondence, if possible. After receiving the letter, NTC will send a message informing who is eligible for the package subscription. The one who got the message can subscribe to the package by dialing *1441# and selecting the pack user wants to purchase.

Previously, NTC also launched Zero Balance Package for those who were with zero balance since the start of lockdown and were unable to recharge and Stay Connected Offer for larger data pack at a reasonable price. Will this package be helpful for students and teachers? We will have to wait and see.

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