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NTC brings ‘Zero Balance Package’ to help customers with low balance

NTC Zero Balance Package Free Internet Data Pack Voice SMS Offer

It has been almost a month since the lockdown started. Everyone is forced to be at home and if possible, do the office work remotely. Many expected the lockdown would be removed soon but as COVID-19 is much more resilient than we anticipated. Nepal Government, to keep its people safe from this invisible devil, has kept on extending the lockdown period. This has somewhat, worked in keeping the Coronavirus from spreading rapidly, but also has invited a new problem. Since the whole country is staying home to keep themselves, their friends and family safe, low balance in the phone has become an issue. NTC to avail its customers from low balance problem has come up with a new plan, which the company is calling “Zero Balance Package”.

NTC’s “Zero Balance Package” Offer

Nepal Telecom has been generous and thoughtful to provide multiple offers in the wake of coronavirus: Stay Connected Offer, 100% Recharge Bonus. However, those offers didn’t really represent the ones in needs.

Because lengthened lockdown period has resulted increasing number of people, who don’t have access to online banking or active services like eSewa and Khalti, unable to go near Kirana stores and recharge their phone. And to address, NTC has come forward with a new plan called Zero Balance Package. With this package, the eligible subscribers will get a certain amount of call-time as well as data pack and SMS for free. In these challenging times, it seems, after all, free internet on NTC is possible.

NTC Zero Balance Package

Zero Balance Package Eligibility

If you missed, we used the term eligible subscribers, meaning this package is not for everyone. NTC, wanting to help its customers but without itself being exploited, came out with a pretty clever solution. They made certain criteria and subscribers falling under those criteria are eligible for receiving the zero balance package. Criteria given by NTC are as follows:

  • Must have made at least one call during the first week of lockdown, Chaitra 11 – 18, 2076 B.S. (March 24 – 31, 2020)
  • Must have had main balance less than 33 paisa on mid-night of Baisakh 8 (April 19)

NTC Zero Balance Package Contents

The subscribers eligible for the Zero Balance Page get the following features from the free plan:

  • 50-minutes call time within NTC network
  • 100MB data pack
  • 25 SMS within NTC network

NTC has already sent messages to the customers eligible for the free plan. If you got the message stating about the plan, you need to reply to the message accordingly within two days to get the zero balance package. After getting it, the package will be valid for 7 days period.

Similarly, prepaid users who had zero balance since the start of the lockdown, March 24, but were receiving calls( incoming not barred) can also use the package. Not only that NTC has also decided to add the minimum balance needed to make incoming calls possible as well as extend the validity of those numbers till April 30.

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