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Enjoy Ncell data packs at minimal cost with ‘Data ko Fun, Always On’ Offer

ncell data ko fun always on pack offer coronavirus

Ncell is one of the leading Telecom Service Provider in Nepal. They have been providing valuable services to people with offers and discounts. During this lockdown, most of the people are relying on the ISPs for internet. The load on the ISPs has increased heavily. For more stable connections NTC, Ncell and SmartCell are giving amazing data packs and other offers. Talking about data packs and offers, Ncell is here with ‘Data ko fun, Always On’ offer other than Stay Home Pack.

Ncell ‘Data ko fun, Always On’ Offer

ncell new year data offer

Ncell ‘Data ko fun, Always On’ is the latest data offer from Ncell. Using this data service, users can enjoy browsing throughout the data at a low cost. Not only the data packs are affordable, but bonus data is also given to the users. You can activate any data packs with the validity of 1, 3, 7, or 30 days.

Validity Total Price All Time Data Bonus Data Total Volume
1 day Rs 20 250 MB 750 MB 1000 MB
3 days Rs 40 600 MB 1800 MB 24000 MB

Out of a total of five options, the first two 1 day and 3 days, the data pack comes with bonus data. If you purchase a 1-day data pack, you will get 250 all-time data & 750MB bonus data for Rs 20. But if you activate 3 days data pack, you will have 600 all-time data & 1800 MB bonus data for Rs 40.


  • The total price is inclusive of taxes.
  • All Time Data can be used at any time of the day.
  • The Bonus Data can be used only from 11 PM to 11 AM.
Validity Total Price Daily Data Total Volume
7 days Rs 97.04 300 MB 2100 MB
30 days Rs 489.05 500 MB 15000 MB
30 days Rs 979.38 1200 MB 36000 MB

The other three available data packs under ‘Data ko Fun, Always On’ is different from the first two data options. If you active 7-day packs, you can use only 300 MB data per day. The total volume of 2100 MB can be used in 7 days. For a 30-day data pack, you get two options. You can make a selection among 500 MB daily data with a total volume of 15000 MB or 1200MB daily data with a total volume of 36000 MB.

To use Ncell ‘Data ko Fun’, Always On’, dial *17123# and select the data pack you prefer.

What happens if the data pack finishes before validity?

If you finish the data packs before the validity time your data service will be stopped. There will be no deduction from the main balance. But if you have a bonus balance (on-net balance), then the deduction will be cut from bonus balance under pay as you go rates. To learn about Ncell Pay As you Go offer and Ncell Bonus Scheme please check out ‘Ncell Pay As You Go —PAYG Offer’ and ‘Ncell 120% Bonus on Recharge’ respectively.

What to do when daily data on 7-day and 30-day pack is over?

If you use your daily data and you need more data on the same day then you can choose other new data packs. You allocated daily data will be available the next day only. For example, you finish you 300 MB daily data of 7 days packs, the next 300 MB will be available the next day only.

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