Nepal Government launches e-commerce platform to help citizens with groceries during lockdown

The lockdown due to this pandemic COVID-19 has caused huge problems for people. It has flipped everyone’s lifestyle. Here in Nepal, (as of writing this) total of 4,426 cases have been tested. Out of which twelve total positive cases id confirmed, one has already recovered while the other eleven are still active medication. To ease up this situation Government is working to the fullest. They have issued Complaint Portal to help in case of Shortage of gas, Slow Internet, Shortage of Food or any related fraud. Talking about the services the Nepal Government is introducing a new platform, Food Management, and Trading Company for groceries.

Nepal Government Food Management and Trading Company

Nepal Government Food Management and Trading Company

Food Management and Trading Company is a collaboration of Nepal Food Corporation and National Trading. With this e-commerce platform, the Nepal government is helping the needy people who are unable to get food due to lockdown. The groceries will be directly delivered to the customers’ homes. There will be no charge for the delivery. However, this service is available within the valley only as of now.

This e-commerce platform has a simple and easy to use interface. If you are familiar with other online platforms like Bhatbhateni, SalesBerry, or any other online platform you will easily get the hold of usability. The website is still developing. There will be more features added in the future.

You can order Rice, Cereal, Fapar, Induction Chulo, and Simi only. The essential requirement are only available for now. When you order the grocery from this government platform, it will be delivered the next day. You can make purchases worth Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 only. This price point will be increased in the upcoming days. For the time of such scarcity, users have to cope-up with this purchase limit.

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