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Nepal Electricity Authority extents Bill Payment Deadline due to COVID-19 Lockdown

Nepal Electricity Authority NEA payment deadline extend coronavirus covid-19

The outbreak of novel Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 has turned the lifestyle of people all around the world. So far 492,357 cases have is tested. Out of which 22,183 people have lost their lives and 115,545 people have recovered. In Nepal, we have 3 positive cases of COVID-19. Out of which 1 has already recovered while the other two are active. The lockdown is halfway through. People are staying quarantine. With the development of an open-source platform by Fusemachine Nepal, the spread of fake news has been sort of reduced to some extent.  The companies like Ncell and Nepal Telecom are giving people different offers to ease up this pandemic. Due to lockdown, people are unable to pay the bills by visiting the respective offices as they used to. Taking this matter into consideration Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has prolonged the payment deadline.

Nepal Electricity Authority

Every service running in the country are trying their best to help the public in such harsh condition. Nepal Rastra Bank increased the daily and monthly digital transaction limits. Digital wallets like Khalti, e-Sewa, ConnetIPS has removed bank-to-bank transaction fee. One of the basic needs is Electricity connection. Thankfully NEA has informed that they will be prolonging the bill payment deadline due to this lockdown.

Nepal Electricity Authority NEA payment deadline notic coronavirus
NEA Official Notice

There will be no power cut off or any fines for the late payment. Plus NEA has also informed that in case of any problem all the staffs are on the duty. But it is suggested to make the online payment (if possible). This will also help NEA to regulate their task effectively. Payments can be made through any digital services like IME Pay, Khalti, e-Sewa, Mobile Banking and many more. If you are not able to make an online payment do not panic. Just stay home and be safe.

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