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Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) introduces an e-pass for operating most-essential vehicles and services

How to get vechicles e-pass / Epass online from MoHA Coronavirus Nepal

Global pandemic, caused by the noble Coronavirus, has kept all of us inside our home. The fear caused by this virus is beyond anyone’s imagination. Right off the gate of the year 2020, we all are living in fear. Globally (as of writing this) 2,000,231 cases have been registered. Here in Nepal, so far (as of writing this) 6,299 cases have been tested. Out of which, sixteen are tested positive, fifteen are on quarantine and one has fully recovered. The lockdown period has been extended until 26 April. The lockdown has impacted everyone’s daily activities. The airports, grocery shops, all are shut down. This has impacted the overall economy. The essential services like ambulance, mortuary, vehicles with food items are running but not as effective as it should. To address this issue, the Nepal Government with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) is issuing an electronic pass (Epass) for most-essential vehicles and services in Nepal.

Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) Electronic Pass (e-pass)

The ambulance, mortuary, vehicles carrying goods (food, water, and other essentials) were facing transportation issues on this lockdown. These are the essential services everyone requires. On the concerns of citizens, Ram Bahadur Thapa, Ministry of Home Affairs has addressed the issue of lockdown on a press conference. An electronic pass (e-pass) is available for ambulances, mortuary, vehicles carrying food, Water, Milk products, Security Service, Health Services, Telecommunication Services, Garbage collection, Social Service, and others.

Before this e-pass, the government official was giving out printed pass to those operators. But that had a huge downfall as a significant number of people showed up and crowded in the district offices to collect the pass. That increased the chances of spreading the infection.

How to request an Epass from MoHA?

One can apply for the Epass in Nepal through the official MoHA online portal. You can follow the instructions given below:

  • Head over to the official epass online portal — When the page opens, you can tap on the top-right corner to select the language (Nepali/ English).
  • Choose the type of request you want to make:  Individual or Only Vehicle. After the selection, you have to fill up the details.

MoHA requester details for Epass

  • Under the Requester Details, enter your Name, Mobile Number, Address, Area of Access, Access Required District, ID Type, and ID Number. You have to upload your ID as well.

NOTE: You have to fill the ID Type (Citizenship/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Employee ID, Driving License, or Others) and the ID Number of the ID that you will upload.

  • Make the selection of your Service Category: English, Health Service, Security/ Law Enforcement, Media, Electricity/ Telecommunication, Health Issues, Funeral, Agriculture/ Livestock, Groceries/ Milk/ Vegetables, Waste Management, Service/ Employee, Banking and Customs, Non-Profit Service or Others. Everyone should give a valid reason for the pass.
  • You have to mention the period for the pass. You can either select days for simply select ‘From-To’ time-frame.

e-pass epass moha gov np form details

  • Under the Vehicle Details section, choose the type of vehicle you will be using: Bus/ Truck/ 2 Wheeler or 4 Wheeler. You have to mention the respective vehicle number as well.

e-pass MoHA personal use essential vehicle details form

  • It’s better if you have any Supporting Documents from Hospitals or recommendations from any organization.
  • Finally, Click on Submit.

How does an e-pass work?

When you apply for the Epass issued by MoHA, basically a 6-digit code will be sent on the mobile number (the one you filled under Requester Detail). If you represent any organization or company, you can support your request with the official documents. For Hospital officials, they can submit their Hospital ID as supporting documentation as well. For the vehicles carrying food items, milk, water, and waste, they can submit the official document from their respective organization.

After the successful confirmation, you can travel or take action. The Nepal Police on the duty will be checking the 6-digit code. You can show them the code from the MoHA. However, the e-pass must be used for emergency and basic requirements only. We all should support the government and stay inside our home. We all should be careful and take precautions for such a contagious disease. For the official data of COVID-19 in Nepal, you can visit COVID-19 Nepal. If you have any confusion about COVID-19, you can consult online with Doctor through Hamro Doctor. Nepal Government is working hard on this situation. If still there is a shortage of food or gas or any related problems you can simply register complain on Official CMSC Portal.

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