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Slow Internet or Shortage of Gas, you can file a direct complaint on Consumer Rights Management System Complaint Portal

Consumer Rights Management System Complaint Nepal Government Official

The outbreak of Coronavirus has totally shut everyone down. The lockdown has already extended here. The overall economy has crashed. This pandemic has caused the shortage of numerous stuff. LPG, one of the most essential household needs, face masks, hand sanitizers are getting very hard to find. Only half an LPG cylinder is being sold now. This just brings back the nightmare of the border lockdown by neighboring nations. Even in such a situation, the greed of the people does not seem to fade away. There’s the black market that’s even making this situation even worse. Face masks, hand sanitizers are sold at high prices. In response to this, the government has taken serious action. Now, you can file a complaint on an online portal, issued by Consumer Rights Management System under the request of the honorable Prime Minister.

Consumer Rights Management System Complaint Portal

Under the request of the honorable Prime Minister, the Consumer Rights Management System has made it possible for the general public to file a complaint about the current issues. You can complain about ‘Goods sold at a higher price’, ‘Gas Black Marketing’, ‘Shortage of Goods’, ‘Mask Black Marketing’, ‘Slow Internet’, ‘Shortage of Gas’, ‘Shortage of Foods’, ‘Irregularity’, and ‘Other Complaints’.

There are different platforms for registering your complaint. You can use the web, Official Facebook page, Twitter, Direct Phone Number, Viber Group, IMO Messenger. For a phone number, Viber group and IMO messenger, you have to add 9851180959 number on your contact list then you can proceed further.

crms consumer rights management system file complaint

For example, here we are registering a complaint through the web portal. On clicking in the link mention above, the following window appears. Here the available options will pop up and you can select the topic. Here we have selected the ‘Slow Internet’. On clicking next, you have to fill the complaint detail as shown below. On the ‘Personal Details’ if you want to hide your details check on ‘Do not disclose’ and tap on the Submit button.

Complaint Status

consumer rights management system complain list national government authority

So far a total of 724 complaints have been registered. Out of which 520 are closed, 101 has been solved, 22 are under processing, and 9 are seen while 72 are unseen. Most complain are on Nepal Oil Corporation regarding the shortage of Gas, Food Management & Trade Company LTD is on second due to the Shortage of Food. Other national departments like the Department of Commerce, Supply and Consumer Protection, District Administration Office Kathmandu, District Administration Office Kaski, and District Administration Office Kailali have also registered complaints.

This service will be quite beneficial for people in need. As a lot of people are having trouble with the internet connection, they can definitely register opinions through this. Basic household need like LPG is also hard to get in certain areas. This initiative from the government will be the voice of the people.

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