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Make a call even with zero balance using Ncell’s Low Balance Call Service

ncell low balance call service

As one of the top Telecom Service provider, Ncell never ceases to surprise us. From new offers to discounts, Ncell is providing the users as many services as they can. Valentine Offer, New Year Offer, ’Recharge ma Chamatkar’, ‘4 times 4G tihar offer’, ‘Mero Plan’ all of these are great offers from Ncell. The current ongoing and trending Ncell offer is ’Recharge ma Chamatkar’ where you can win Rs 10 lakh. Now Ncell is here with Low Balance Call service.

Ncell Low Balance Call service

ncell low balance call service

Ncell users now can make calls even with no balance. Yep, you read that right, even with zero balance. This service will be beneficial for users. Sometimes we may be at a place where recharge cards may not be available. What do to in such a situation if you want to make a call? This is where this Ncell’s Low Balance service shines.

How to use Ncell Low Balance Service?

To use Ncell Low Balance service all you must dial 17102 followed by the number you want to call (17102XXXXXXXXXX).

For example, I want to make a call to 9801234567. So, I have to dial: 171029801234567.

How to receive a Low Balance Call?

  • The receiver will receive a voice message where he has to press 1 to accept the incoming call.

Who will be charged in a Low Balance Call?

  • The receiver will be charged during the low balance call from the main balance.

How much will the receiver be charged?

  • The receiver will be charged the standard per-minute rate of Rs 2.54 (incl. of taxes).

How many times can a user use this service in a day?

  • You can use this service 4 times a day if the receiver receives the call.

 What happens if a receiver also doesn’t have balance?

  • Your call will not be successful and will be canceled.

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