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Everything on CAN InfoTech 2020: Objectives, Attraction & How to buy tickets online

CAN Info-Tech 2020


  • Events will be attended by members of the CAN federation alongside different national and international ICT companies
  • CAN InfoTech 2020 will take place in Itahari, Birgunj, Chitwan, Pokhara, Butwal, Surkhet, and Dhangadi.
  • The main attraction of CAN Info-Tech 2020: Game Parlor,  Robotics Zone, Job opportunities for IT Students, Gift Hamper (Lottery) and many more.
  • More than 4,00,000 visitors are expected to attend CAN Info-Tech 2020.
  • You can book a stall online.


Founded in 1992, Computer Association Nepal (CAN) is an autonomous, non-political, non-profitable and service-oriented organization. CAN Federation sums up manpower, experts, associations and organizations working in the field of information technology in Nepal all together. It’s the flagship program of the Info-Tech Federation and also the country’s annual largest fair and exhibition.

CAN InfoTech 2020

For the year 2020, CAN Federation is organizing it’s earliest CAN InfoTech 2020 event on Magh 1-5 at Itahari, the main event is on Falgun 2 to Falgun 7 at Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu, and the last event is scheduled for Falgun 20-24 at Nepalgunj. It’s the 26th edition of CAN InfoTech in Nepal. This event will take place in a total of 8 different places.

CAN InfoTech 2020 Event Date

Province Place Date
1 Itahari Magh 1-5, 2076 (Jan 15-19)
2 Birgunj Magh 9-13, 2076 (Jan 23-27)
3 Chitwan Magh 24-28, 2076 (Feb 7-11)
3 Kathmandu Falgun 2-7, 2076 (Feb 14-19)
4 (Gandaki) Pokhara Falgun 11-15, 2076 (Feb 23-27)
5 Butwal Magh 17-21, 2076 (Jan 31- Feb 4)
5 Nepalgunj Falgun 20-24, 2076 (March 3-7)
6 Surkhet Chaitra 5-9, 2076 (March 18-22)
7 (Sudurpashchim) Dhangadi Falgun 28 – Chaitra 1, 2076 (March 11-14)

Updated CAN InfoTech 2020 event date in different Province.

These events will be attended by members of the CAN federation alongside different national and international ICT companies. Here both of the national and international companies will be able to expand their market and conduct market surveys. In addition, information related to AI, IT colleges in Nepal, Banks, Insurance, Software used in the Government sector, self-learning software and tutorials will be on the display for everyone. CAN Info-Tech is such an event that no tech-enthusiasts should ever miss.

Objectives of CAN InfoTech 2020

The main reason for the organization of CAN Info-Tech is to raise awareness regarding the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This event is a golden platform for business and customer interaction. A strong network can be built between domestic and foreign companies and entrepreneurs. It’s mutually beneficial for everyone. It’s the center for sharing experiences, resources, information and focal point for the majority of people from the ICT sector of Nepal. The sole objective of CAN Info-Tech 2020 is:

  • Build a common platform for interaction for ICT industries and professionals,
  • Identify and facilitate the needs of domestic ICT industries,
  • To get knowledge about the needs of the ICT community,
  • To enhance an international and inter-agency relationship,
  • Increase ICT literacy.

Main Attraction of CAN InfoTech 2020

CAN Info-Tech 2020 Highlights

  • Branding Section
  • Game Parlor
  • Product launching Soon
  • Robotic zone
  • Job opportunities for IT Students (Walk in interview)
  • Wi-Fi Internet Zone
  • E-Waste Management
  • Meeting Halls
  • Gift Hamper (Lottery)

CAN Info-Tech 2020 is full of excitement. There are many different sections for different purposes. For instance, you can play the games in the Game Parlor, upcoming products will be highlighted in the Product launching Soon section. The development and the research of Robots will be presented at the Robotic zone. If you have a keen interest in the Robotic field, this zone is perfect for you. You will get to meet and greet other Robotic enthusiasts and experts as well. If you are an IT student and looking for a job, CAN InfoTech 2020 has job opportunities. All you have to do is walk-in for the interview.

E-Waste Management section is that one everyone should attend. This section will guide on waste management which is the issue we all are facing. In the Meeting hall, you will see Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Investors, and tech experts. Finally, last but not least and favorite of everyone, Gift hamper (Lottery). You can try your luck and win amazing gift hampers.

CAN InfoTech Visitors History

The visitors for the CAN Info-Tech has been increasing from one year to another. Here’s the number of visitors within six days of the event throughout the years.

Year Number of Visitors
2016 3,31,001
2017 3,63,556
2018 3,10,098
2019 3,76,243
Expected in 2020 4,00,000

More than 4,00,000 visitors are expected to attend CAN Info-Tech 2020. Make sure you grab the ticket as soon as possible. Online booking for CAN Info-Tech 2020 will be open very soon. We will notify you when it’s open. Attending this Tech event will mean a lot for you and other participants. You will definitely get the updates about the ICT in Nepal and other information.

Want to book a stall for CAN InfoTech 2020?

If you want to exhibit new technologies, advertise something, give information about the topic, you can book a stall at CAN Info-Tech. You can check the Hall Plan and Truss Plan and select the stall type you prefer. To bookstall, click here.

CAN Info-Tech 2020 Book a Stalls

You can make payment using either Ebanking or Khalti or Prabhu Pay. You should make 50% of the total payment at the time of online booking. The rest of the amount can be paid 30 days prior to the event.

For offline transfer, payment can be done at the bank deposit voucher with your company name on deposit voucher, in CAN Federation Account: Siddhartha Bank Ltd (A/C no: 00115078304) and Kumari Bank Ltd (A/C no: 0010000121000001).

CAN InfoTech 2020 Sponsorship

CAN Info-Tech 2020 Sponsorship

You can be a huge part of CAN Info-Tech 2020 by sponsoring this event. As of now, Prabhu Pay is the title sponsor and WorldLink Communication is the Co-sponsor. For the Sponsorship, you have to fill a Sponsorship form. The Sponsorship category includes Title Sponsorship, Associate Sponsorship, Platinum Sponsorship, Diamond Sponsorship, Gold Sponsorship, Silver Sponsorship, Print Sponsorship, and Official Sponsorship. Click here to know more about Sponsorship for CAN Info-Tech 2020.

How to buy CAN InfoTech 2020 online ticket?

The booking of the ticket for CAN Info-Tech 2020 can be done through Prabhu Pay. You can download the app. It’s available for both Android and iOS. There is a certain discount for Students and Prabhu Pay is offering an Rs.5 cashback for everyone.

can info tech 2020 province-1-ithari-ticket price prabhu pay

CAN InfoTech 2020 Ticket Details

Province No. Place Normal Ticket Price  Student Ticket Price
1 Itahari Rs. 30 Rs. 20
2 Birgunj Rs. 30 Rs. 20
3 Chitwan Rs. 30 Rs. 20
3 Bhrikutimandap Rs. 100 Rs. 50
4 (Gandaki) Pokhara Rs. 40 Rs. 20
5 Butwal Rs. 50 Rs. 20
5 Nepalgunj Rs. 30 Rs. 20
6 Surkhet Rs. 30 Rs. 20
7 (Sudupashchim) Dhangadi Rs. 30 Rs. 20


  • Students must bring their ID card as Identify verification is mandatory for entrance.
  • Issued Tickets will not be refundable or transferable.
  • You should keep the ticket safe. The ticket should not be damaged.
  • Illegal or harmful substances are not allowed.

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