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Party Bus Nepal set to launch their first Party Bus on January 2020

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Till now we were only familiar with busses that run locally inside/outside ring road and buses which helped people to travel from one far place to another. But, for the first time in Nepal and South Asia, Party Bus has been introduced in Nepal by Party Bus Nepal. However, Party Bus hasn’t been launched yet and Party Bus Nepal have planned to launch their first Party Bus officially on January 10, 2020. For Nepal, this idea of Party Bus may be new but in the western culture, it is common in use and they also have Party Van, Party Truck and Party Cars in addition.

The basic idea of party busses is to provide people separate space who want to party or celebrate privately with their loved ones only. Party Bus will provide people with a licensed driver, DJ, Bartender and even dancers if wished. Party Bus Nepal claims to ensure the best service, good sanitary, security with a touch of luxurious like feeling which would create a good environment around you and your close ones. Let’s talk more about this Party Bus from Party Bus Nepal.    

Highlights of Party Bus Nepal

  • Limousine interior
  • Professional Hi-Fi DJ music system
  • Fully equipped bar
  • Separate smoking cabin
  • Pantry system
  • Dance floor
  • Pole dance
  • Air condition, Mobile charging and more  


This Party Bus just looks like a normal tourist bus from outside only with some customized graphics or graffiti to say. The party-themed graphics/graffiti looks really catchy and the company logo placed at the middle looks a great art of work. We talked about exteriors but let’s talk about what’s inside, this is where the fun begins. Party Bus Nepal has worked really hard in its interior design and it looks as if it’s a mini pub straight out of Thamel, Kathmandu.

    The blue, yellow red and other color lights add more beauty to its interior design. The Party Bus comes with great limousine interiors, professional Hi-Fi DJ music system to make you dance, a fully equipped bar with various drinks for you refreshment or enjoyment, a separate smoking cabin which avoids other no-smokers to get disturbed, a dance floor to dance on with your friends, a pole dance facility if you want to see a dancer’s dance and Air Condition to maintain the temperature for your pleasure. It also has the facility to charge your phones other gadgets.   

      Party Bus Nepal: Services & Price in Nepal

      Party Bus Nepal has announced four different services; Hop-on Party Ride, Private Event/Party, Airport Pickup & Drop, and Special Theme Party, to be available once it comes into operation. The prices for these services offered by Party Bus Nepal range from NPR 1000 per person to NPR 10,000 per hour.

      Hop-on Party ride (Evening/Night):

      In this Hop-on Party ride service, you can book the Party Bus and make it for a serious night party. In this service you won’t have to prepare anything, making plans or do anything else, just hop on the bus with your friends and you’re ready to have a serious party night that you’ll remember for a long time. The price set for the Hop-on Party Bus ride starts at Rs. 1000 per person.

      Private Event/Party:

      This service is a time limit-based service that lets you book and use the Party Bus for a limited time which depends upon the time limit you have chosen. For 3 Hours, you will have to pay Rs. 35,000. For 6 hours, you will have to pay Rs. 55,000 and for 12 hours, you will have to pay Rs. 85,000. After the time limit, you will have to pay Rs. 10,000 per hour if you still want to party more on the Party Bus. This service will be best for those who want to celebrate their wedding, bachelor party, birthday for celebrations.

      Airport Pickup & Drop:

      If you don’t live in Kathmandu Valley and are still planning to hop into Party Bus then this service is for you. You can book the Party Bus to pick you up at the airport and even drop you at the after the party is finished. If you just book Party Bus for Pick up then it will cost you Rs. 20,000 but if you book Party Bus for both Pickup and Drop than it will cost you Rs. 35,000.

      Special Theme Party:

      This service has fun built into it. This service will let you chose themes or Party Bus Nepal may itself organize theme-based parties like Halloween party, Christmas Party, Friday Night Party, Girls Night and New year party. This service by Party Bus Nepal is priced at Rs. 1,000 per person.

      How to book the Party Bus in Nepal?


      Party Bus Nepal haven’t launched their first Party Bus officially yet but surely will come into operation from January 10, 2020 onwards. After that, you can visit their website to book the party bus or even visit their Facebook page to message them directly and book. To visit the website click here and visit the Facebook page click here.

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