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It’s time for Kathmandu to go Wireless

Time for Kathamndu to go Wireless and be free from cables

Kathmandu is renowned as “City of Temples” as it is filled with great places for landscape scenery, ancient craftsmanship, temples, ancient palaces, and great culture. These things have made Kathmandu one of the most famous places for tourists to visit. Every tourist who visits Kathmandu always gives positive and joyful feedback because of the local vibes they get along with a cheap price tag at everything.

But the thing is, no matter how many tourists or local people of Kathmandu cherish the beauty, landscape, and ambiance of the valley, there is always a complain made about long, strangled, and unmanaged hanging electric cables at every utility pole running down the street. These poles are found in every street of Kathmandu and irritate both local people and tourists because it carries the risk of getting separated from poles and can cause serious problems to people or animals if touched by a cable carrying electricity.

Kathmandu Overhead umanaged wires cables

These electricity carrying poles run from one street to another in a parallel way adding load and electricity from pole to another. Sometimes, cables that are separated from a pole by wind, rain or any other cause stay lying in the road, disturbing the transportation causing land pollution as well as visual pollution. These cables lead to bad impressions of tourists.

To avoid these things along with the safety of peoples and animals, Kathmandu Metropolitan City has started to remove all these cables from the streets of Kathmandu in coordination with Nepal cable TV Association and Ministry of Population and Environment. They are planning to fit and shift these cables underground. To start a project like this will be difficult because of the terrain that Kathmandu valley has, lack of technical expertise and carries an expensive budget. And also the first and foremost reason is that the underground of Kathmandu already holds tones of GI channels to supply water and sewage lines.

A meeting of concerned authorities held in Singha durbar in 2017 also agreed to this public notice which was a request to remove all the cables from poles to ensure the safety of people and animals and to minimize pollution. Department of Roads, Kathmandu Valley Development Authority, Nepal Telecommunication Authority, Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal Telecom and Internet and cable television distributors worked together in many of the places like Tripureshwor to Kalanki, Teku, and Thamel to manage or remove cables as informed by The Ministry of Information.

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