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CES 2020 “Worlds Biggest Tech Show” to start from Jan 5-10, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada

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This year’s CES is going to be held on from January 5 to January 10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year CES will mark its 53rd annual run of the show. In this show, various companies will be showcasing and announcing their products and their ideas to innovate new products and take a step forward in technology. We can expect some crazy techs being unveiled in this show. In CES 2020 we can expect the unveiling of small products to gigantic products and latest to greatest tech products which can be used in our daily life or just to show how luxurious life we live in. This year’s CES 2020 is going to be a good tech ride.

What is CES 2020?

CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show. CES is a trade show where various companies unveil and showcase their tech products. CES is held once a year so we can call it an annual show and also CES is the biggest tech show. Even if CES is a trade show, it is not open to the public. A person to attend CES should be above 18 years and should be affiliated with the consumer tech industry in order to be permitted to attend. Or else, you have to submit credentials in advance to score an invitation to be permitted to attend.

What can we expect from CES 2020?

CES 2020 is very near and we already know a few things that are going to happen and also a few tech products that are going to be unveiled in the CES 2020.

ces 2020

First and foremost, OnePlus already announced earlier this month that the company will be announcing its first-ever concept phone “OnePlus Concept One”, which is rumored to be a foldable phone. But the phone still remains a mystery and will only be revealed in CES 2020. So yeah OnePlus fans are more excited about CES 2020 than any others.

 Samsung is also rumored to launch its new bezel-less TV. The company can unveil its first “Zero Bezel” TV in CES 2020 because Samsung’s favorite venue to introduce and announce its new TVs is CES. This “Zero Bezel” TV is also rumored to have a chipset that would support 8K. We can say that it’s a flagship TV. Samsung can also even announce their new Galaxy phone series or even their new Galaxy S11 lineup, who knows?

Similarly, LG is also planning to unveil its new 8K TV, Sony can also unveil its 8K TV along with WH-1000XM4 over-ear headphones or even PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 VR, Dell can showcase its newest XPS 13 laptop and Razer with its upgraded laptop versions. AMD is also rumored to announce desktops and mobile CPU’s, and Qualcomm may showcase their new 5G chipsets.

When is CES 2020, tickets and how to watch?

CES 2020 starts from January 5 and ends on January 10, and will be hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES 2020 will kick off on January 5, 12 PM PST where only press conference will be hosted and from January 7 unveiling and events will be hosted.

CES 2020 Kickoff Time ZoneTime (Conferences) Main Unveiling Event
PSTJanuary 5, 12:00 PMJanuary 7, 1:00 PM
GMTJanuary 5, 8:00 PMJanuary 7, 9:00 PM
ESTJanuary 5, 3:00 PMJanuary 7, 4:00 PM
Kathmandu TimeJanuary 6, 1:45 AMJanuary 8, 2:45 AM
New Delhi TimeJanuary 6. 1:30 AMJanuary 8, 2:30 AM

Registration for CES 2020 is still available on their official site. If you are in media than you can go to CES 2020 for free only after if you are qualified. However, for others, tickets are priced USD. 100 if you want to see the main unveiling event from January 7-10 but unfortunately the price has been increased to USD. 300 after DEC 18, 2019. There are other options also like Starter Conference Pass which is for USD. 900 and Deluxe Conference Pass for USD. 1,700. Click here to visit the official site for more information and to buy tickets. 

CES 2020 will surely stream live and the links will be shared from one source to another and will be available from various channels, groups or pages on YouTube, Facebook or at any other social media platform.  

What we saw on this CES 2020:

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