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CES 2020: Samsung STAR Labs unveils first-ever AI Artificial Human, “Neon”

samsung star labs neon

Samsung launched interesting things like Ballie, GEMS, and others at the CES 2020 event in Las Vegas. Samsung has shown its interest in robotics and AI since early time. This time Samsung STAR Labs (not the one from DC’s The Flash) has made headlines with the unveiling of first-ever AI Artificial Human, “Neon”. These Artificial humans are just Avatar that looks like real humans and can interact like a normal human being. With this Samsung has taken a step forward to AI and the modern digital world.

Before CES 2020 event, CEO and President of Samsung STAR Labs ‘Pranav Mistry’ tweeted that the Neon was working properly and is ready for demo. He even stated that the Neon will be able to perform and create expression, movements, and dialogue like a normal human being and later will also be able to understand different languages. He used the word “CORE R3” instead of Neon, which means that CORE R3 is the code name of Neon.

What is CORE R3?

CORE R3 basically is a propriety technology platform that Neon runs on in easy words to say. R3 means 3 R which have individual meanings, they are Reality, Realtime, and Responsiveness.

samsung star labs neon core r3

Neon is made and built while keeping these 3 R’s in mind. Neon is an AI-powered Avatar that makes an Artificial Human Avatar, in Reality, then it can process, read, collect, understand and learn data and things in Realtime and after that it can respond, react and interact which is Responsiveness. CORE R3 is the reason why Neon exists and works properly.

Is Neon like a Voice assistant, Robot or something?

There has been a huge debate before it launched that the Neon was a voice assistant that was built to replace Samsung Bixby or even Google Assistant. Many people even covered the topic supporting it, but later, the rumors were all smashed by Neon’s tweet, in which they stated that Neon is neither an upgrade to Bixby that would take its place or nor is a sort of voice assistant that would be integrated into a smart device.

STAR Labs described that Neon was a different project that would make the idea of “Virtual Humans” or “Digital Humans” a reality.

Samsung STAR Labs Neon

NEON has been unveiled in CES 2020 with only a few Avatars with different personalities. All these different Avatars can have different jobs like a Yoga instructor, a Gym trainer, a doctor, a friend, a personal assistant and so on and in the future, these avatars numbers will be increased and we may even design our own avatar that we would wish to have. All these avatars can teach us, help us in our workout, give us information about health, give us routine or workout just like a normal gym trainer or yoga instructor would do and much more.

samsung star labs neon avatar

We can basically engage, interact, ask questions to Neon and get responded with voices, emotions, actions and so on just like a normal human would respond. STAR Labs say that they will even have memories of what they have received, what they have responded and from these memories as well as from the things they have experienced they can learn new things like emotions, gestures, new words and so on. In easy words, we can say that Neon is a “Virtual Living being”.

samsung star labs neon avatars

A representative of CNET at the CES 2020 also got to interact with the Neon, in which he asked Neon with several questions and Neon answered all answers very cleverly and ‘she’ even said that her neurons were already burning just thinking about her playing football. In that video we saw that a person named Simon wearing microphones was the only one with the authority to ask questions to Neon, the representative asked questions and Simon repeated the question and then only Neon responded. This shows that Neon is still in development.

Many have already predicted that these would take away human jobs but STAR Labs completely denied it and stated that rather it would enhance our lifestyle and mainly will be used in customer service interactions. CEO and President of STAR Labs, Pranav Mistry said that Neon is still in development and has works that should be done more and they are only planning to launch a beta version of Neon with selected partners later in 2020.

As for normal people, they will have to subscribe to STAR Labs if they want to get Neon. Let’s hope Neon comes out in the market as fast and possible so that every people will be able to interact with a Virtual Human.  

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